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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Punctum Archimedis: Parkland, Assange, and Information War

I've been gabbing up the Internets this week, huh?  This one's long enough to not get read, and get my account scrapped!

But enough about me:

It was a rather typical day up to Washington, DC, but politics -- that is, Open Warfare -- is being handled more and more on the Left Coast these days (still dictated by District 7).  They're better at it, anyway -- especially now that so much of it is virtual.

Caitlin Johnson found herself temporarily suspended from Little Jack Dorsey's Hobby Horse, thanks to what she refers to as the #McResistance troll farm, Breaking Barriers.  That's the one the Clinton SuperPAC, Correct the Record, paid during her failed 2016 Presidential bid to terrorize anyone who dared say anything untoward or unsupportive about Frau Clinton.  

Caitlin Johnson, an Australian, rose to prominence in the American political sphere a while back, when she penned a sweet, little ditty wishing reputed ISIS founder, Senator John McCain, a fitting send-off.  Her kind words ruffled some feathers over to The View (video courtesy of Disney's ABC Studios), where McCain's daughter squawks works.  Sadly, the elder McCain's too mean to die... in fact, he and all the usual suspects (that's Lindsey Graham, y'all!) surprised no one this week when they doubled-down on sanctions against Russia for -- get this -- the alleged poisoning of the Skripals in the UK.  

But that's a whole other ball of wax...

I say "Terrorized" because creating dozens, even hundreds, of fake ("sock") accounts to harass individuals and have their accounts "de-platformed" (got to love that Politically Correct speechifying!) could only be construed as "cyberstalking" in Legalese if it is proven that a single individual controls all of those accounts.  One could argue that, since corporations are considered Legal "individuals," it is only one "individual" causing all of this distress and forced deprivation of services and Rights -- but that's a matter of Semantics.

It's important that we accept that this is, in fact, Terrorism carried-out by Terrorist Organizations, and carry that forth as a Fundamental -- not a "weapon" to be used to win some argument against one side or the other, but a cornerstone:

The basis for holding these organizations and individuals responsible for their crimes.  

And this is a crime: These actions are being carried out specifically to Intimidate, Censor, and strike fear into those of us who dare speak-out, or question these narratives (as Ms. Johnson fondly, and correctly, refers to them).  Investigative reporting that has been intentionally suppressed has proven beyond Reasonable Doubt that these individuals and organizations have specifically targeted individuals and entities for their beliefs, speech, and opinions, and have sought to change those beliefs and opinions through a coordinated campaign of Intimidation, and/or Suppress -- that is, Censor -- them With Malice Aforethought.

It looks like a terrorist group's operation, it functions as one, and it is paid to carry-out these attacks: That's a duck!  I'm sure you'll find Precedent on both sides of that argument, and I hope you have fun with it, but I will conclusively prove that this constitutes Terrorism.

Luckily, most of these #Resistance troll farms are located in foreign countries, so these pesky US legalities don't necessarily apply to them... domestically.  Unfortunately, it absolutely demonstrates a recurring pattern, or Modus Operandi, of legal abuses by the DNC/Clinton camp -- and bolsters those calls of High Treason charges for working with foreign entities against American citizens.  Luckily for Prosecutors, these wiseguys freely confess to all charges, "Caveat Emperor!"

In short, this is the criminalization of actual Journalism -- to avoid the expense of bad PR from committing all that Murder.  This is the modern equivalent of book burning, and it's the same fucking dirtbags holding the torches.  I have a God-Given, inalienable Right to read WikiLeaks or listen to InfoWars, and it is absolutely against the Law to deprive me of that Right.

And an exceptionally bad idea to threaten me.

If I ever believed the Parkland, FL shooting was real, I sure as hell wouldn't now.  These peoples' behavior is sketchier than Michael J. Fox' signature!  While this is an a priori conclusion, it is the only reasonable conclusion, given their behavior -- specifically, their actions in intentionally suppressing (withholding) evidence that calls into question the veracity of their claims.

They actually torpedoed their own case -- probably because they knew they were going to have to prove an awful lot of things they can't in order to win -- by planting the story that Alex Jones "destroyed evidence" merely by deleting some Tweets.  Tweets which, by the way, Twitter may have removed itself, or forced Jones to remove, for "violating The Company's TOS."

In other words, the only purpose of bringing a case against Jones was to discredit and silence him, meaning that Jones and his InfoWars program have an excellent countersuit for Malicious Prosecution.

Only a few years ago, these same Terrorist Organizations (The Big Six) terrorized us all with deliberate misinformation regarding social media, and the proliferation and permanence of our comments and "online behavior."  I guess they think their declaration is all it takes to make Twitter a valid, Legal platform?  

I'd love to post some links to those "news reports," but they've been buried in the search engines, and removed from the Internet -- which, by their own logic, constitutes the deliberate Destruction of Evidence.

I guess, as Chris Cuomo blatantly lied when he threatened his viewing audience with prosecution -- Chris Cuomo threatened his viewing audience with punitive legal action in the form of criminal prosecution -- "It's different for The Media."

Either way, there's no way in Hell they'll ever find an impartial jury now that they've intentionally Tampered with it by planting false stories in the nationally syndicated Media.  Was this deliberate Jury Tampering done with Malice Aforethought?  That's probably best determined by a Grand Jury... along with what actually happened that day in (allegedly) Parkland, FL.

Do Federal payouts to the families of the alleged victims of these alleged school shootings constitute "hush money?"  As we've seen in the case of Stormy Daniels, large monetary sums often accompany NDA and similar, legally questionable, "confidentiality" contracts.  That this was the case in both Sandy Hook and Parkland proves grounds for investigation.

And what's with MGM suing the victims of Operation: Credible Threat?  I guess that's what you do when those confidentiality contracts aren't in-place before you murder the shit out of a bunch of folks?  I don't know; these are only assumptions I make in the face of a lack of evidence.  I have to demand a thorough investigation in each, and every, case to determine the truth; the lack of such leads me to conclude, a priori, that an illegal and un-Constitutional cover-up of multiple Federal Crimes is underway.  

That the State Apparatus has engaged in such illegalities then covered them up multiple times throughout the years has been clearly established makes this a Credible Thought.

I have a sneaking suspicion said Grand Jury investigations will find more Evidence Tampering, Witness Intimidation, and Destruction of Evidence.  Of course, any suspects will be found "Innocent," as the jurors are certain to fear for their safety.  So, let's lay this to rest:

Punctum Archimedis: Guess who is behind it all?

We have clearly established a Modus Operandi of coordinated attacks involving the intentional misuse of evidence, as well as the manufacturing and suppression (withholding) of evidence -- that is, the use of Censorship, or Deprivation of the First Amendment -- in multiple cases, both directly, and through the use of proxy companies and "individuals" (Legally), or "cut-outs."  This constitutes Jury Tampering, Evidence Tampering, Manufacture of Evidence, and Withholding of Evidence with Malice Aforethought.

And to these charges, they have Confessed -- we have their Confessions; they Confessed to these Crimes!

That they resort to violence, and even murder, when these Bush League efforts fail has also been established.  Given the lack of Confessions to these Capital Crimes, coupled with the Confessions to the others, and their damning behavior involving evidence coming to light with every passing day, is further investigation even necessary?

WikiLeaks and InfoWars aren't threats to National Security; they're threats to the National Security Racket -- the lucrative "Defense Contracting" racket "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists" call the MIC.  This is less about shutting them down than it is about shutting us up.

And this National Security Apparatus has metastasized into not only the greatest threat to the Security of the American nation, but the world at-large.  This State Apparatus now constitutes a global threat: A clear and present danger to the security of our own, as well as other, nations -- with an open disregard for International Law, treaties, collateral damage, culture, archaeological importance, climate change, standing contractual agreements, ad infinitum.

We have clearly established the fact that those with National Security Clearance have abused their authority, and intentionally enriched themselves through a widespread, and carefully coordinated, campaign of Terrorism -- then employed outright Censorship of critics and detractors, through the use of "private" Media companies, both online and offline.  And now, this State Apparatus is doing the same worldwide.

Should we sign petitions for them to throw away; call phone numbers no one answers; or maybe protest in the street so they can call in the riot squads, then intentionally fabricate their "news reports" to paint us as the Terrorists?  Should we talk about it?

When and where will They strike next?  Will it be at your kids' school; at your church; at your place of work; in your front yard; or in some foreign country you've never heard of?  Will They be your murderers, or will it be a hornet who "flew under the radar" from some distant nest they intentionally kicked just to give Them a reason to deprive of us our God-Given, inalienable Rights?

Should we wait and see?

How's that shit for a "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theory?"  

Take it away, Harry Potter.

© Copyright 2018, The Cyberculturalist

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