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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Soros Re-Invested in Social Media a Few Months Back

Coincidence in Houston
According to RT and The Motley Fool, major financial backer -- or "sponsor" -- of career criminal, Hillary Clinton's failed Presidential bid, George Soros, purchased a not inconsiderable amount of stock in social media giants, Facebook and Twitter weeks before the coordinated banning of Alex Jones' InfoWars, along with numerous, outspoken government critics on the Left, Right, and Middle of the American political spectrum. 

A story claiming Facebook executives had "threatened" media groups later emerged, though FB execs claim it was taken out of context.

Ever the victims, those poor, downtrodden "media" pundits are under constant threat these days!  Although, to date, not a single one has actually suffered so much as a misplaced hair in a windstorm... except the one who was investigating claims of pedophilia against Bill Clinton: She appears to have been murdered.  

Oh, and the founder of RT -- he committed suicide by throwing himself against the floor until he died.

Soros also invested heavily in music platforms, Spotify and Pandora, so subscribers should expect to hear a lot more beeps in your entertainment going forward.

Meanwhile, family members claiming to be survivors of the alleged victims at a Florida school in Parkland are suing Jones for daring to question the veracity of the reporting on the incident, which -- not unlike Operation: Credible Threat in Las Vegas -- is questionable, to say the least.  

One question which has yet to be asked, much less answered, is what a group of "reality show actors" from the UK were doing in Broward County at the time, or what they were filming.

Like Sandy Hook "survivors" and their family members, Parkland students received a hefty, multi-billion dollar, taxpayer-funded settlement from the US government, and returned to school Monday under armed threat -- and IN GOD WE TRUST plaques.  The "In God We Trust" plaques have been suggested in Tennessee schools by Republican lawmakers, as well -- clearly the best effort to avoid school shootings... alleged school shootings not included.  Numerous US schools have taken out school shooting insurance policies as incentive against media-driven false flag attacks for the purposes of insurance fraud.

Jones, Julian Assange, and others who have questioned the US/UK/ISraeli Axis, have found themselves the targets of pernicious, coordinated attacks from governmental -- and "NON-Governmental" (wink-wink) -- sources in a quickly escalating conflict between citizens and unelected "officials" Guilty of vicious Abuses of Power.  

That said companies are publicly-traded corporations working under government contract makes them, by definition, governmental entities... they've just decided the Law doesn't apply to them.  All four West Virginia Supreme Court Justices thought the same.  So does Chris Cuomo.

Earlier in the week, Facebook, InstaGram, and several other social media "platforms" censored Alex Jones and InfoWars at the same time.  After speaking out against censorship, both Jones' and InfoWars' Twitter accounts were also terminated, then his flagship radio station in Austin, TX was shuddered.  

We have suffered the same -- and are still being dogged by black and military helicopter flyovers, financial setbacks caused by utility outages and network-related computer issues, website hacks, and more.  Twitter deleted our account without notice in its first "purge."

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