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QAnon: The Q-Sort Personality Profile Builder

Gettin Billy with It QAnon is based on Q-Sort: A psychological technique of which there are many variations, resulting in 50 descript...

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

QAnon: The Q-Sort Personality Profile Builder

QAnon Uses Quick Sort
Gettin Billy with It
QAnon is based on Q-Sort: A psychological technique of which there are many variations, resulting in 50 descriptive adjectives of one's personality.  It was actually used in experiments involving meditation in the 1970s.  Remember when everyone from the faux-Progressive/Pro-Hillary Establishment was suddenly pushing the meditation on us?  'Member?

My ISP, TDS out of Wisconsin (of Making a Murderer fame), sent out an e-mail last month telling customers to meditate.  Go figure.

Anyway, the advent of "QAnon" is apparently when this profile-builder was put into wide-area Operational mode for the purposes of swaying the 2016 Presidential Election.  It's been in-use for a very long time, though.

As I understand it (I only heard about it secondhand), QAnon is baiting you with fake "clues" regarding "conspiracy theories," then tracking both your online activity and your ability to process information, or your "insight."  Specifically, QAnon appears to be a future-predicting program designed for "Law" Enforcement -- i.e., a program designed to determine who will prove a threat to the Establishment "in the future."

But it's far less about you or your predilections, and specifically about imitating you electronically by creating a profile to mimic your projected behavior based on the data it collects.  This is "predictive" programming meant to establish your future behavior with a high degree of likelihood.  That's what "Deep Fake" technology is actually used for, and AI programs such as QAnon help create Max Headroom-esque AI personalities the Intelligence Community -- aka, Organized Crime -- uses to steal your identity, and pose as you, both online and offline.

It's actually been in-use by police, military, and political forces organized crime for some time now.  By imitating you through fake social media profiles and other methods, "Law" Enforcement can be certain you are considered a threat -- not by merely implicating you in crimes, but by committing crimes themselves after assuming your identity -- giving them, or another Federal (or foreign) agency, "a reason" to illegally surveil you.

After that, it becomes a matter of "neutralizing" (murdering, institutionalizing, financially disabling, socially isolating, et. al.) the established threat [that's you, Citizen].  This is accomplished through Gangstalking, escalating oppression (manufactured legal, financial, social concerns), imprisonment, and outright aggression.  It is this sort of programming which allows them to create armies of fake profiles used to discredit exposes like this one, writers of such exposes (like this one), the sites on which these exposes can be found, and to generally Terrorize us all.

It might be part of Project: Mannequin (UK), but is likely one of DARPA's Intel-based Projects.  It may even be the Pentagon program(s) over which Google employees were upset, and may be connected to this Lockheed outpost in Sunnyvale.  I tracked it back to that location -- not any time recently, mind you -- through cookies and suspicious files associated with Yahoo! and Facebook.  

I told you this was an insurgency, I told you this was Sedition, and I told you that this started in earnest during the Clinton Administration.  Clinton's Presidency allowed some extremely nasty sos-and-suches into positions of great power, and they helped pave the way for Operation: Able Danger to be carried-out to fruition.

The people involved in this conspiracy have become "unhinged" over Trump, not because of anything he's done, said, or allegedly stands for -- but because they knew that there was no way they could lose after having gone to such lengths to rig the Election themselves!  They used predictive software and programming to rig the 2016 Presidential Election...

Well, and Embezzlement.  And Terrorism.  

And a lot of Murder.

And all that shit about gender, equality, White Supremacy and White Privilege -- all of that Inciting Hate Speech promulgated by The Western Media in the last several years -- is actually a military program called "Human Terrain" pioneered by, get this: General "Mad Dog" Mattis!

None of those people give a shit about any of that stuff; it's just another weapon in the War on Democratic Elections foreigners thought the US only waged against their countries.  Remember how the Democrats unanimously petitioned the Washington Redskins to change their name... only to obscure the XL Pipeline they were shoving through Native American territory?  Yet no charges have been brought against TigerSwan, the mercenary hit team employed by the oil company to illegally spy on any and all "Leftists?"

You, um... 'member that?

The only difference between a President Trump and a Frau Clinton is that, as has been clearly established beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt, The Media would have covered it all up under Clinton.  How many times did The Media, or Liberal Hollywood, discuss any of the wars under Obama's Administration -- or criticize Obama for anything?

This has nothing to do with Republican vs. Democrat, and everything to do with the fact that Hillary had already made a boatload of backdoor deals with her co-conspirators who used predictive programming based on illegally collected data to presume her the Dictator.

And may have used Felonious Access to remotely alter vote counts in sectors in which she was predicted to win.  Who would suspect anything if she "won" districts she was already predicted to win over a reality show host with no political experience?  Of course, that right there is entirely hypothetical, as there is exactly zero evidence to-date of any electronic Election Tampering!

If QAnon, Q-Sort, and Human Terrain sounds like a "conspiracy theory," that's because it is a conspiracy -- otherwise, it would just be called a "theory."  What does Snakes on a Plane "sound" like?  If it sounds like a movie about some motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane, then you have "insight."  Besides, we're literally showing you the proof -- so, it isn't even a theory!

I'll repeat that neither Russia, Iran, nor North Korea had anything whatsoever to do with the 2016 Election results.  Let me reiterate: We have conclusive evidence proving that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Chinese operatives were definitely involved -- at the very least, some of the coding is in Mandarin by a dual-language speaker (?) -- but keep in mind that many US police are not just involved in organized crime, they are trained in a specific, illegal Settlement.  I don't want to be accused of being a Rac1st0r, so I won't say which one, but I'll give you a hint: 

It is an Apartheid State in the Middle-East under a Nationalized-Socialism form of government.  You get three guesses, and the first two don't count.

But don't take our word for it: Take the FBI's.

QAnon is Q-Sort -- a predictive programming routine.  Meditate on that shit.

Let's throw it over to Stephen Colbert (I think).

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