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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

All Around the Interwebs 08-20-18

August 12-20, 2018
August 12-20, 2018
A lot of shit happens everyday on the Internet, and no one remembers it the next -- but that's okay, because then more shit happens.  Here's some of the shit that happened online during the week of August 12th-20th, 2018:

President Trump revoked former CIA Director and Fake News pundit, John Brennan's, Top Security Clearance.  While several of his Seditious coup crew flew into a tizzy, and Brennan threatened to sue the President, it's hardly without precedent -- or merit, in Brennan's case.  Obama, in particular, was a tyrannical revoker of Top Security clearances during his shadow war on "whistleblowers."  

Barack Obama's Security Clearance victims included Bill Binney, Peter Van Buren, Jeffrey Sterling, as well as -- most famously -- Edward Snowden and Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning.  In fact, yet another Pentagon whistleblower was recently stripped of his clearance for -- get this -- exposing the Pentagon's crimes!

WTF are these people doing with Security Clearance in the first place?  Where have you ever worked that allowed you to keep a set of keys, and use the place and its services as you please, after you left their employ?

Just to put a fine point on this, both Netflix and Uber have recently hired "former" Deep State employees who -- apparently -- still have their Eyes-Only Clearance.  No big deal... until you piss one of them off and they use your Netflix habits to track you down, then send an Uber to whisk you away to one of them Black Sites run by the Chicago police!

Yes, it's a "conspiracy theory."  So were those black sites run by Chicago police... once.  So were "chemtrails" and Project: ISIS... before.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities opened an ancient sarcophagus the Internet was terrified contained... WHAT TEH FUCK IS THAT!?  Oh, Black Jesus.

Former actress turned activist, Alyssa Milano, has been making the news for her high-profile appearances for the DNC.  People my age will remember her best from TV's Who's the Boss?, while younger readers probably know her best as, "Who's that bitch?"

I... I don't know what she's on about, I just wanted to make that joke.  Haha.  She fine, tho.

Speaking of fine chicks turned activists, #MeToo supporter and Harvey Weinstein accuser, Asia Argento, reportedly paid the luckiest motherfucker alive over a quarter-million dollars (US) to bang him on his 17th birthday.  Her daddy made Suspiria (the real one).

In yet another ongoing "conspiracy theory" come true, California prison officials said that years' worth of wiretapping confidential phonecalls between inmates and lawyers was due to their incompetence -- they said they're so fucking stupid, they can't even work a Goddamn phone!  While certainly plausible, this is nowhere near the first time those OC po-pos have been found Guilty of this thing (nor are they alone):

Aside from DAs and high-ranking officers being found Guilty of Corruption, they were housing snitches and using their information to target and gangstalk victims nationwide.  They even moved an FBI informant from one jail to another for years so he couldn't meet his lawyers and handlers! 

Russian officials say they're doing the same to political prisoner, Maria Butina -- moving her from jail to jail to avoid Diplomats, lawyers, and officials -- and strip-searching the shit up out of her, too.  Prolly another one of them "mistakes."  She fine too, tho.

Can't work a phone, but can systematically avoid the FBI and "Kremlin agents" over the course of several years, and clown the entire Russian government.  Huh.  Yet, we're supposed to fear these Kremlin geniuses?  That's a Mexican standoff of incompetence, right there!

Who do you figure you'd have a better chance of clowning the shit out of: The FBI, the Kremlin, or Apple?  Well, a 16-year-old boy from Australia successfully chose the latter -- allegedly.  Remember, a 13-year-old UK boy allegedly fooled AOL into giving him Top Security Clearance a few years back, just by telling them he was John Brennan over the phone!  Diversity Hiring in action, right there.  

But that's unlikely to happen again, since the CIA just received the go-ahead to spy on AOL and MySpace.  Poor Tom!  We also "learned" (cuz we didn't know! -- come on, you guys, stop) that Facebook outsources its Censorship to the rabidly Right-Wing, NON-governmental agency (wink), the Atlantic Council, and Twitter's Jack Dorsey confessed to the platform (wink) being "Left-leaning."

None of that sounds fishy at all.

Some say Clapper and Brennan's PDA is just a show, but there are now so many agencies and outsourced "individuals" (Legally) with Top Security and "legal" access to information, clusterfuck appears to be Operational Standard.  

Yet, whenever they pull an Operation, its coordination appears seamless -- just check the Location what appeared on our post when I did a quick trackback related to the seamless coordination involved in the "activist" toppling of a Confederate statue earlier today in North Carolina.  Huh.

Not to be outdone, British and Canadian authorities released a cache of "sensitive" information all over the Interwebs.  Clearly, Eyes-Only Clearance is the participation trophy of the vaunted Intelligence Community.

And that's what's been happening online the last week.  Don't forget: We've been snarking about topical events online for over 20 years, so don't try this at home!  


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