Monday, July 17, 2017

The Washington Post Attacks The Intercept Over Reality Winner's Arrest

WikiLeaks Search Will Not Install
WikiLeaks Search Will Not Install
The Washington Post's vicious attacks on The Intercept -- claiming The Intercept did not provide adequate security for Reality Winner, a source for one of their exposes -- is a perfect example of the NDAA's effort to "crack down" on Press outlets they mislabel "fake news."  Barack Obama setup a committee to fight "Fake News" before leaving Office, as Democrats originally blamed #FakeNews for Trump's election, but the funds for that program go straight into the NDAA -- a program developed to spread propaganda through news outlets promoting the US government and its standing in the global community.

Moreover, WaPo is owned by none other than Jeff Bezos -- owner of Amazon.  A major backer of Hillary Clinton's doomed Presidential campaign, WaPo hired a significant number of employees around the Election, while competitors are laying-off editors, and readership and public trust in the American mainstream media are at historic lows.  The articles' purpose is to institute a Chilling Effect on the sharing of information provided by "leaks" -- the pejorative term outlets such as WaPo have given to those who expose government and corporate wrongdoing.  It is also meant to serve as an example to the sources themselves, and anyone considering becoming a "whistleblower."  Posting e-mail excerpts on a website is now "leaking documents," and sharing anything has become as fraught with danger and legal implications as reposting a meme on social networking.

Last week, we learned that President Trump's son met with a Russian lawyer during his father's campaign, and may have somehow broken the Law.  Julian Assange responded that Trump, Jr. should have allowed WikiLeaks to publish the information so they could shelter his identity for legal reasons, if nothing else.  The problem with this being that, if you aren't Donald Trump, Jr. -- with over 1mn Twitter Followers -- victims are usually cut-off from proper authorities and media, and terrorized into taking extraordinary measures to report incidents, risking the safety of others along the way.  Those putting "whistleblowers" at-risk are certainly aware of the Law, so coercing victims into discussing sensitive matters specifically to lessen their criminal liability or those claims' legal effectiveness in Court may be the very motive (in some cases).

When contacting others, targeted individuals find that 5KB files suddenly take hours to upload, their phonecalls to authorities are re-routed and mysteriously disconnected, their power or Internet connectivity shuts off repeatedly, programming language scripts hide online comments, VPN software toggles on and off, autonomous “Hidden Networks” appear, and more.  Encryption methods fail to operate, and Internet bandwidth throttling makes contact impossible, forcing targets to speak-out or launch investigations, lawsuits, and criminal proceedings on our own behalf.  But documenting, and especially "sharing," this information is being mischaracterized as a crime itself by powerful forces, determined to cover-up their own involvement in these sensitive matters.  They go to great lengths to prevent the truth from getting out.

Military agencies have perfected the art of silent war on unsuspecting citizens: Using sprawling surveillance, controlled chemical attacks, expansive misinformation campaigns, and gangstalking techniques, they terrorize, cyberstalk, and silence would-be "whistleblowers."  They have weaponized our technology, media, and entertainment, and invaded our personal and private lives for their own profit, under the guise of "national security."  Major, corporate-owned and -run, media outlets have willingly assisted this process through a variety of means -- usually by providing disinformation campaigns using buzzwords, edited documentation, and propaganda, as well as carefully scripted events.  The line between reality and propagandist fantasy is intentionally blurred, forcing viewers to constantly question their own judgment.  Eventually, the viewer tires and is lulled into passively viewing, without questioning the veracity or context of what she is watching.  Dubious legal practitioners help them manipulate little-known stipulations that reinforce their "right" to do these things.  

And this is not only done by the government: Corporations, institutions, SuperPACs, organizations, powerful individuals -- all use these tactics to affect, or control, the presentation of facts and events to the public and, thus, control the population itself.  Active Shooter Drills have been broadcast as actual events, and these same events have "gone live," resulting in real-world casualties; vital information has been suppressed; and numerous criminal acts and cases have been fabricated entirely.  These outlets do lie outright, but they also simply omit facts and information that fail to support their narratives and conclusions.

CNN's dogged pursuit of a memester proved that Big Media absolutely, and routinely, targets those who provide or disseminate content the Western Press deems unsuitable -- and this goes much deeper than a #FakeNews campaign hashtag.  This may well have been what happened to "Reality Winner," but we will never really know, since the collusion between major media corporations (and the telecoms providing it) and the US government -- particularly military, and unlicensed paramilitary, agencies -- is so widespread.   

The American Press is often referred to as the "Fourth Branch" of government, and cases such as Reality Winner's reveal the lengths to which it will go to silence dissent.  While Miss Winner's motives may be suspect, Federal Law states employees in her position must report misdeeds or face charges themselves -- so that's what she did.  The problem is not that whistleblowers "leak sensitive information," it's that the situations and conditions that force them to blow the whistle exist in the first place.  And the perpetrators are rarely brought to Justice.  

Had Reality Winner taken what she found to her superiors or colleagues, the matter would have disappeared -- and she probably would have, too.  She took it to the Press instead, and they are holding someone accountable — which is, arguably, one of the reasons the American Free Press exists.  That “Fourth Branch” is supposed to keep politicians honest (as honest as they get), explain legislature and political platforms to the audience in everyday language, and expose the truth — not sell perpetual War, sway Presidential “Debates," and terrorize the populace.

Everyday now, we hear tales of shadowy government agencies hacking their way into our networks, recording us over our TVs, and tapping our phone lines; meanwhile, corporations are tracking our every move online; and employers survey our social networking habits to ensure we are morally fit, hang-out with the right crowd, and don’t demean the company even when one is on one's personal account and personal time.    

Reality Winner may have gotten busted, she may have been “outed” by a rival news organization (ala CNN's meme lord) or "burned" by a secret agent, or she may have been spreading disinformation as part of her COINTELPRO job — we don’t know.  What we do know is that the US government has been recording everyday, innocent, American citizens for over a decade now, and “unknown parties” that never get captured are now allegedly hacking into these databases regularly and making off with that information.  The same agencies have been stockpiling hardware and operating system “flaws” to use as cyber weapons (alleged, unknown parties also got those — allegedly), and disseminating this information to known terrorist organizations in hopes of entrapping them.  At this point, the only persons who do not have full access to, and control over, their computers, telephones, privacy, or behavior are the individuals these organizations terrorize.

American civilians are being targeted by US agencies, their enemies, America’s enemies, corporations, news organizations, and others, thanks to the efforts of three letter agencies few of us knew existed two years ago.  And people like Reality Winner and Edward Snowden, and outlets like WikiLeaks and The Intercept, are helping expose and explain this mass violation of Constitutional and Human Rights, while The Washington Posts and CNNs do their best to thwart these peoples’ efforts.  

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Monday, July 10, 2017

CIA's Vault 7 Open -SSH Script (BothanSpy)

This is the Open -SSH script (BothanSpy) intelligence agencies use to domestically terrorize private, American citizens. This script was found running on Mac Sierra 10.12.5 in June of 2017 in Decatur County, TN.

CIA and FBI operatives are known for their widespread terrorist activity, including forced prostitution of children and adults, production and distribution of child pornography, murder, mass murder, conspiracy to defraud, fraud, conspiracy, and war crimes. They are rarely prosecuted under US Law, and are known to terrorize private American citizens at will. This practice is known as "gangstalking," and its victims are known as "Targeted Individuals."

This particular instance was created, and used, by local law enforcement officials and "snitches" working in Official Capacity (Immunity).

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Grandslam Manipulation Script (Mac Automator)

Found in on July 6, 2017 -- Decatur County, TN.

Grandslam uses RAS (Remote Access) to manipulate a targeted individual's computer as though it were the original user. It also creates fraudulent profiles on social media outlets as an entrapment tool for law enforcement. It is often propagated by snitches, or "assets," who make illegal deals with law enforcement professionals and prosecutors to terrorize targeted individuals, allowing them to avoid jail terms and fines. These terrorist networks proliferate in the US.

This unauthorized access of modem and workstation constitutes Illegal Wiretap, and Felonious Unauthorized Access of a Computer.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

eSellerate - #TolerantLiberal Media and Company

Fraudulent Accounts Created by DHS eSellerate Script (Mac)
RAS Automator eSellerate Fraudulent Accounts
The US government, long since subverted by criminal elements beholden to corporate interests -- gangsters like any other, known for their murderous, strongarm tactics and devotion to money above all else -- has been on a tear when it comes to cybercrime. While earnest news outlets such as WikiLeaks have been doing a good job of exposing their many criminal methods, they have not done as good a job exposing the actual crimes perpetrated by such three-letter agencies as the FBI, DOJ, DOD, and DHS (to name only a few), as well as local and national "law enforcement" agencies, media corporations, and private prison companies.

Above is a graphic taken from an illegally surveiled, American citizen's computer -- mine, actually -- showing part of an illegal entrapment method known as eSellerate, used by law enforcement agencies with direct ties to private prisons. This is the "virus" which was later used to script the WannaCry ransomware. This one originated in California and was transmitted from Tennessee (Decatur County) over wifi provided by TDS Telecom out of Wisconsin -- not North Korea. It was written, at least in part, by Chinese programmers -- not North Koreans -- and is used by media outlets, state-level law enforcement, FBI, DOJ, DOD, DHS, and others.

One of the things eSellerate does is surreptitiously record users, exporting these recordings to iTunes. We'll get into that later. Right now, we're concerning ourselves with its propagation methods, which is primarily a scripting process which creates fake social media profiles across platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others. You can see this in the picture provided.

Another propagation method is the use of clear GIF technology. Many, if not all, of the fraudulent accounts and alleged holders of the aforementioned will be heavy sharers of memes, often politically-charged. Inspirational quotes, often vaguely threatening, are another favorite.

eSellerate is not detected by any known AV program, including AVG, MalwareBytes, et. al. This is by design of the providing companies under order of the NSA, all of which are complicit in this invasion of privacy in violation of US Constitutional Law as established by the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th Amendments (in addition to others) -- as well as innumerable laws at the state and local level, depending on jurisdiction. But this is also due to the fact that it alters critical system files these programs do not recognize as malicious.

eSellerate, and the GrandSlam (Lil Snitch) script, appear to be products of the DHS and MI5, designed by contractors in the European Theater working in concert with the DOD, exploiting Chinese technology and OS flaws known to the NSA. It is in heavy use in Tennessee, California, Wisconsin, New York, Arizona, Texas, and elsewhere in the US. Its primary use domestically (US) is Entrapment to meet contractual obligations to private prisons in these states, and others. As notes (in an attempt to minimize), US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has "shares in two funds that include holdings in two leading private prisons companies." I do not know what the scripts were originally created for outside of this, nor how they are used or spread internationally.

Criminal charges for domestic (US) operatives of these corrupt "legal" agencies should include Terrorism, Illegal Wiretap, Illegal Gains, Criminal Fraud, Conspiracy to Defraud, Entrapment, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Illegal Search and Seizure, Color of Law, Conspiracy to Commit, and multiple War Crimes. International crimes should include equivalents. Don't expect any of these terrorist cells to be charged and, even if any are, you'll never hear about it, as their terrorist counterparts in the Western Press will dutifully suppress those reports -- the way they have the DNC's trial in Florida -- and launch terrorist attacks on those who do report it, the way they have preyed upon Julian Assange.

As a warning, these organizations -- and the actors involved -- are incredibly dangerous terrorists on an international scale. Take extra precaution when being pulled over by Tennessee State Troopers not in the customary black and gold cruisers -- specifically along the I-40 corridor between Nashville and Jackson, well into Memphis.

Anyone actually investigating these ransomware attacks, and not merely using them to political advantage, should start in Decatur County, TN and surrounding (high traffic) areas. Some of these outbreaks were initiated not for ransom, but to cover the tracks of Entrapment professionals who orchestrated the Silk Road and its imitators to meet private prison contracts. These include high-ranking DOJ officials, prosecutors, prison officials, and others.

You've been served.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kaspersky Buckles to US Terrorists

Entrapment Script eSellerate Used by Law Enforcement
eSellerate Creates Fake Social Media Profiles
Following terrorist threats from the FBI, libelous media "reports," and malicious attempts to thwart the Pentagon's use of Kaspersky AV software by corrupt lawmakers, Eugene Kaspersky has capitulated to the gangsters pretending to be the US government, saying he is willing to show them the source code to the award-winning anti-virus software if it means staying in business.

If that happens, Kaspersky will be threatening its entire customer base, as well as all civilians, and should be out of business in a matter of weeks.

The US government is infamous worldwide for their nefarious cybercriminal activities, being behind the majority of all cyber attacks, including the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, which was initiated through an illegal Entrapment attack employed by law enforcement officials known as "eSellerate." Not only is there absolutely zero information to backup claims of Russian interference in any sector of US life, all evidence conclusively proves -- beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt -- that US actors are behind all attempts to undermine the 2016 Electoral process, notably members of the corrupt US "media" establishment, collectively known on the world stage as "The Western Press."

Media personalities and companies donated nearly $1/2mn to Hillary Clinton's failed campaign, and conspired to defraud the American populace as to her chances of winning by presenting bogus "polls" as fact on multiple occasions and broadcasts. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is on trial in Florida for embezzling funds from Bernie Sanders' campaign and diverting them into Clinton's -- a trial that has yet to be mentioned on MSM -- and the man who served her papers was found dead the next day.

The forces behind what we ignorantly refer to as the US "government" have connived, cheated, lied, and embezzled their way into power, and have literally no legal claim to their positions. Their multitudinous crimes span the gamut from international terrorism to widespread spying and domestic entrapment programs (Grandslam) designed to enslave innocent civilians in the private, for-profit prison industry.

Antivirus programs such as Kaspersky go far toward protecting American civilians against such flagrant abuses as those perpetrated regularly by the Alphabet agencies, and exposed by WikiLeaks and other organizations that have increasingly come under fire for their reports. This is why Kaspersky is feeling the heat.

Happy 4th of July from The Weirding!

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Sunday, July 2, 2017


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