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Thursday, September 6, 2018

All Around the InterWebs Mid-Week UPDATE

Could Be Anyone


All day, everywhere, all the time, things happen -- and, until the DHS and AIPAC got hold of the Internet, you could usually find out about them online.

It's been a truly incredible few days, and sitting on all of this for the entire week would result in a book-length post next week -- this isn't a short post, itself!  Here, then, are all the things you missed online in the last two days:

I told you it was basically going to be all -isms all the time until The Mid-Term exam "Election."

One day after the spineless Jeremy Corbyn and his friends of ISrael Labour Party bent over backward to kiss Netanyahu's arse (that's "ass" for English-speaking people), Rupert Murdoch's Mafia-backed, Saudi Arabian funded, The Sun accused him of burning down synagogues.  These friendly people, in case anyone's forgotten, are ISIS -- or "Hasbara" (for English-speakers).

They busy-bodied around so much a few years back, calling everyone on social media a "Holocaust Denier" and terrorizing us with troll farms, that some good-natured people tracked many of them back to the UK.  But they were also found to be working from (or spoofing out of) ISrael, India, Canada, France, the US*, and the Ukraine.  For those who don't know, "Denying the Holocaust" is an actionable Felony in almost all Western countries -- a "practical" solution to a Theocratic dilemma, one could say.  Haha. 1

Seriously, do not question their motives, just think as you are told -- under penalty of (ISraeli) Law.

Theresa May seized the moment to triple-down on Russian Skripal poisonings in one of the more hilarious IRL fails of all-time.  Novichok isn't like Monsanto's weed-killer; it was designed for use in warfare.  It's basically like a nuclear bomb: It kills everything breathing in sight, and wastes precious little time doing so.  But the UK is apparently as hard-up for chemists as it is for tech workers, because they still don't know that over to Porton Down -- THE SIS CHEMICAL PLANT IN SALISBURY.

They released CCTV "footage" of two alleged Russians no one knows, no one saw, and no one's quite sure exist.  Allegedly, they traced their every step for thousands of miles, but after the alleged poisonings, the pair were gone in a flash, never to be seen again -- like a modern-day Springheel Jack.

The UK's crimes don't end there, though -- if you're going to cover for you-know-who, then you take the fall for you-know-who -- the balls on these fucking people is absolutely gob-smacking:

The UK also supplied Harvey Weinstein with ISraeli SS, and is even now sheltering Black Cube from criminal prosecution -- just like Harvey Weinstein!  The UK claims Black Cube is based in the US, the US claims it is based in the UK, and it's comprised entirely of ISraeli citizens -- so it's okay if they operate out of the Ukraine!  It's not Treason, they argue, because they're all Allies, so they aren't "offering comfort to the Enemy."

That's... some pretty imaginative legalese right there -- possibly the most literal interpretation of High Treason I have ever heard.  Took some time to think that through (Premeditated).  Just some free advice from someone who is not a lawyer: Criminal Insanity is also a Defense -- because it's too late for that whole, "We're all in this together" bullshit.  I've lived here my entire life, and never once heard anyone refer to America as "The Homeland."

After they did all of this, they blamed Corbyn for not blaming Russia, and sent a warship to confront Chinese forces.  In Corbyn's defense, he was busy.  In their defense, he'll roll-over in a moment.

But enough about those tea-baggers.

Apparently, "Multiculturalism has become a norm in society" to the extent that 'people of color' (a prepositional phrase meaning 'colored people,' for those who didn't major in English) are now regularly joining White Supremacist groups.  You guys?  Okay?  It has nothing to do with race, of course: It's because they hate Feminism.  You guys?  I did not make this up.  But someone did.

You guys?  Stop.  Alright?

Let's be respectful here -- this is very serious stuff.  These are very important mass-murderers, so -- if you don't want them murdering you, your friends, and your family -- do not question their motives.

The ever-trustworthy New York Times posted an op-ed allegedly written by one of their innumerable "Anonymous Sources" claiming to be part of a cabal of saboteurs in the White House -- a "Deep State," if you prefer -- which can only mean that one of their Kremlin-based CIA agents suddenly came back to life.  The entire White House is Putin's stooges, if you'll recall -- hell, everyone who doesn't like their force-fed bullshit is.

The "anonymous op-ed" was actually penned by scripting ("ghost"-writing) software using data collected by the QAnon program.  But that's just a guess, guess, guess.  

Come on, you guys.  We do not know.

The DHS confessed to hacking voter machines in over 20 instances nationwide prior to the 2016 Presidential Elections, clear up to yesterday.  This includes a few weeks back, when the DNC lied -- again -- and said that Russia had done it... again.  The DHS said they were "routine security checks."  They have not yet confessed to the "WannaCry" or "WannaCrypt" attacks; they charged North Koreans, instead.

One more time: No one in America calls it "The Homeland."  But crippling thousands of personal networks and major businesses throughout the US is probably not High Treason, since you-know-who is such a great "Ally."

A DHS employee defense contractor nobody has ever seen before rammed his big, white [REDACTED] into the Rupert Murdoch owned, Mafia-backed, and Saudi Arabian -funded Fox News building in Houston overnight Wednesday.  They totally didn't see it coming.  Haha.

You guys?  Okay?  I'm super-serial.

All of this, BTW, happened on the same day; this all happened in one day.  If it reminds you of a carefully coordinated, thoroughly planned, and heavily-plotted series of events -- such as the "de-platforming" of Alex Jones and "Russian bots" on Twitter...  well, it's pretty unbelievable as a series of coincidences, but you are under order to believe it... or else.

That day, not for nothing, was the same day the US said it would be sending troops to Greece.  And the day after Amazon mogul, Jeff Bezos, gifted $10mn to a bi-partisan SuperPAC to elect veterans to office.  Bezos, BTW, is Greek, and owns the equally bi-partisan The Washington Post.  Amazon runs the CIA's file storage and computer systems, and the US military makes all of its own decisions.  All of which is totally unrelated... unless you're a "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorist."

None of these Legal INDIVIDUALS (corporations are Legally considered Individuals in the US) can find out who is supplying Afghani soldiers with "insider information" leading to the assassination of a growing number of US soldiers stationed there amongst the "moderate rebels" -- not any of these Anonymous Sources they're all intimately familiar with, we're so fucking sure.

I don't even understand that, though: Are they undercover or something?  It seems like a US soldier would stick-out like a sore, white thumb in Afghanistan -- especially in green camouflage.  Still, if it's true, that shit's colder than John McCain.

But, just like that beloved war hero, none of these companies, militants, soldiers, corporations -- Legal Individuals, all -- have ever been held accountable for their multitudinous War Crimes, so why not?  Shit, if it feels good, do it!  It's not like they have a reason not to commit War Crimes -- domestically or abroad.

The absolute worst they'll get is a disapproving glance from Russia before they slap her down, and here in the US, they're 100% Above the Law.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Costello.


1 Accusing someone of Anti-Semitism or "Denying the Holocaust" is also an actionable offense in almost every country with laws regarding Hate Speech.  So is Felonious Unauthorized Access of a personal device.  It's odd that I should have to remind you twice.

* 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540, USA is the L.O.C. -- I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but it's what came up when I tried to trackback to their New York address(es).

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