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Saturday, September 8, 2018

#FreeAssange - The Alex Jones Distraction

Poor CNN... if their credibility sinks any lower, they'll have to change their name to The New York Times TV.  Here's evidence of yet another clearly coordinated, premeditated attack on InfoWars, but the more important story here is that this is meant to distract you from whatever they're about to do to Julian Assange.

Of course this is a matter of Censorship: There is absolutely no difference between these "platforms" -- these websites, only Organized Crime calls them "platforms" (it's a Legal term) -- and the government.  Their money flows from one to the other via SuperPACs, lobbying, "contributions," and so on back to tax incentives, corporate welfare, ad infinitum.

They're all in on it, as clearly evidenced by this coordinated, malicious attack, and their insistence -- their repetition -- that it is not Censorship literally proves that they know it is.  They know they're Guilty, as evidenced by their NDAA-approved spin.

Anyone who opposes them -- all dissent, all those who question their authority -- will be silenced in a fashion similar to Jones or Assange, if they cannot be recruited, discredited, or otherwise disenfranchised.

Speaking of Apple, I have never had so much trouble with any device!  They have destroyed over 14 PCs in the last 10 years, but mostly by cutting the power repeatedly, burning-out the power supply.  I had the same PC for eight years before moving to this MIC-controlled police state!

The US government is doing this -- the true Axis of Evil and its Allies.  I've proven this beyond any Reasonable Doubt.  As has Assange.  As has Van Buren.  As has Snowden.  As has Jones.

They can hide behind every "private" (front) company, and use every proxy they please (cut-outs), but this is the "Deep State" they talk about: The 200+ agencies, and 4+ million "private contractors," with the highest security clearance in the land -- even though they "no longer work for the government" (private sector - wink).  This is Organized Crime, period.

If you pay for Apple Store access, I guess you could lodge a complaint, but it will do no good -- just like voting, protesting, petitioning, making phone calls, speaking out at community meetings, "getting involved" -- none of it matters; they do anything they want to anyone they please all the time, and there is no recourse.

Julian Assange's imprisonment is a perfect example of their "respect for the Law," the First Amendment, Human Rights, and human dignity: They have none.  And what has petitioning them accomplished in the case of Assange?  What about calling your representatives?  How about donating to their umpteen "Causes" (NGO)?  How are those protests and vigils working out?

Everyone's been saying, they're about to Go Big, so... I don't know what to tell you but to grab your ankles.  This is a "shock and awe" strategy meant to escalate fear and tension, and institute a Chilling Effect across the land.  If they didn't want to escalate the division and anger in this country, they wouldn't do this.  This is a show of force, and a big dare to everyone -- and something to flood the information outlets to distract from their real goal.

They're about to Disappear Julian Assange, and possibly launch a major False Flag against us, the citizenry.  Younger readers won't believe this, but we lived it 17 years ago.  This is the reason they're cracking down on the Internet.  This is the reason they're tapping phones.  This is the reason they're infecting computers and networks.  This is the reason they're manipulating the power grid.

We do have credible information regarding a possible nuclear simulation -- that is, more of a show than an actual detonation -- achieved through media manipulation, and information choke points.  But these are abject psychopaths with absolutely zero respect for life other than their own, so we didn't want to add to the fray; we have every reason to believe they will actually detonate a nuclear bomb within the U.S.

And there's nothing anyone can do about it but live with it... if you live.  And do so very quietly, if you know what's good for you.

This is Terrorism perfected -- they've perfected this strategy in dozens of Middle Eastern countries over the last two decades, not to mention endless war-games involving this nuclear scenario.  They'll cut communications first, excepting "emergency broadcasts" for instilling and escalating fear through misinformation and propaganda (CNN and FOX playing either side of the political aisle), then shut down roads, and conduct house to house sweeps to confiscate weapons and whatever else they want.  Some "dissidents" or "credible threats" will be rounded-up and moved to detention centers indefinitely.

I don't know that they're going to go that far, but I have known of the scenario and that the idea was introduced as a possible strategy for immediate, full occupation of domestic terrain, for quite some time now.  Another, Project: Firesign (IIRC), involves an alien invasion.  It is also a simulation, and not an actual alien invasion, but six of one...

These "simulations" are known as false flag attacks (military), or Pretext (Legally).

It does appear that they're about to escalate everything fast -- it's known as a "Shock and Awe" campaign -- specifically to occupy the domestic landscape, and quell any attempts to defy them.  Hopefully though, it's just more of the same "boiling a frog" approach.

Of course, the water has to boil at some point.  As we have proven, we have clear evidence that all of this is being done by US government officials, working in official capacity (despite the Legal hopscotch of "personal," "private," "public,' et. al.) -- both inside and outside the country.

I'm certain you're eventually going to hear some bullshit about me with a cache of weapons and a stash of child porn on my hard drive -- "flew under the radar," "ties to ISIS," "lone wolf," etc.  None of it's true, but I'll be somewhere else, or dead, and won't even know what they've told you.  It will only run in some areas, then in others -- the same way they're planning to run the nuclear scenario, the same way they ran the footage of WTC7.  This is done to discredit "whistleblowers."

If you talk about what you've heard or seen, you'll discredit yourself... until time catches up to them.  But that could be decades, and usually is.  They've been fucking with me since at least 1996.

I've been telling you about these things for well over a decade (going back to at least 1998 on the GeoCities site); I've been a "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorist" for 20+ years now.

Interestingly, I saw that InfoWars' latest story is about someone allegedly paying the protestors at Kavanaugh's hearing.  That's a very plausible scenario; it's known as "astroturfing."  It doesn't mean that the protestor did get paid, but it's ridiculous that Obama would bring up "Nazi sympathizers" with George Soros backing the Democrats' campaigns -- that's known as a "dog whistle."  Obama's a pro; he is the absolute best "whistleblower" fisherman.  That's certain to be the reason they shut Jones down, but the Alex Jones debacle is a distraction from Julian Assange.


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