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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AOL/Time-Warner Now AOL......... Time-Warner

When this merger occurred, many experts scoffed; according to them, even then, Time-Warner (TW) was making a huge mistake, as AOL was expected to be left behind in the coming years. As dial-up faded from view, AOL was - but let's not discount their overly aggressive, thoroughly shady, customer service either! A number of factors led to AOL's demise, but as one expert said in a late-1990's Forbes issue, "AOL is the only company that can treat their customers like shit and still make money."

That was, until about 2006, when their customer service foibles were splashed across national news outlets.

Time-Warner couldn't wait to drop the AOLbatross around its neck, yet it took them several years to do so. As of today, AOL and Time-Warner are once again two, separate entities. AOL is back on the stock market, and even has the same little symbol it had before the merger (making it that much easier to avoid). Tomorrow, in fact, AOL's CEO will ring the opening bell at the stock market.

In 2002, AOL had over 25 million dial-up subscribers; today, it has just over 5 million.

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