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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Facebook Improves Privacy Options

Facebook's CEO recently posted an "open letter" on the site, detailing some of the changes users can look forward to, as the site has more than 350 million users now and changes are afoot. One of these changes concerns the privacy options and is currently being implemented.

Users will now be able to adjust the privacy settings per post, meaning you can decide on whom gets to see your individual posts. Status updates will remain open to the general, browsing public. However, users will now be forced to go through their privacy settings, which they have never had to deal with before if they didn't want to do so. Of course, this is where a lot of problems have arisen.

Users will now decide on the privacy settings for each piece of content they post, including pictures, et.al. The settings are the same as before: "Friends," "Friends of Friends," and "Everybody."

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