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Monday, July 12, 2010

Decided Against Blogger's New Editor - Review

This is kind of a review of Blogger's new, and experimental, editor, but first and foremost, it is a technical note to readers that The Cyberculturalist has switched back to the old editor for now, because the new one is just too buggy.

More than anything, the new Blogger editor has serious formatting problems, most notably in how it handles paragraphs. Without getting into too much of how we handle things around these parts and all, certain formatting conditions are in-place, and the new editor either has trouble handling such conditions or we need to figure out how better to implement them. These conditions are older HTML-compliant and the new Blogger editor is certainly more recent so, again, this may be an issue on this end, but all the same, the Blogger editor seems to handle paragraph formatting poorly.

I've included the following article courtesy of Zemanta, which discusses the new editor's handling of photos. I found it clunky all the way around and it offers far fewer formatting options in the GUI than this, the old Blogger editor, though (of course) you can always modify things via HTML, but that gets old quick, and serves few peoples' purposes.

For now, we have switched back to the old Blogger editor and will not be switching to the new one until Blogger has ironed-out its bugs.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010


Zemantic dreams said...

I hope you find Zemanta less clunky than the new editor!

If you have any feedback for us, please let us know at http://getsatisfaction.com/zemanta or support@zemanta.com

We're taking the comments seriously :)

Andraz Tori, CTO at Zemanta

Manodogs said...

Hi Andraz! Sorry for the delay, but I hurt my back in physical therapy.

Yes, I love Zemanta and appreciate the support. I wrote a review for one of the earlier versions on Weird Ink, and may get to another one here eventually.

Thanks for asking though, and keep up the good work!

liv said...

thanks so much for your post! i would looooove to switch to the old editor, but how do i do this :S???
thanks a lot! liv

Manodogs said...

Hi, liv, and thanks for posting!

At the time I wrote this (which was a while back now), there was an option that allowed you to switch back to the old editor right there in plain view.

I looked-up the topic in the Help section and, from what I understand, there is no longer any Old Editor to switch back to! Following recent changes, Blogger is trying to meld the best features of both and gradually upgrade to their "new" editor.

You can try the Help Forums, too. Just go to your Dashboard, then choose Help from the top-right.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading and good luck!