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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

All Around the InterWebs 09-03-18

Sinead O'Connor in Star Wars
Sinead O'Connor in Star Wars

Is Climate Change to Blame for School Shootings?

No, changing the headline from "Mass. Student Shot in School" to "MASS SCHOOL SHOOTING LEAVES STUDENT DEAD" is.

In fact, over 15 people were shot in three, separate incidents over the Labor Day weekend, but those don't have the emotional impact of a school shooting, so they only barely made the news.  ANYwho:

All day, everyday, things happen -- but only online.  Here are things that happened in the week of August 28th to September 3rd, 2018 -- and we'll go ahead and warn you: A lot of them are pretty racist, and the rest are pretty long.  Thanks, "Politics."

Netflix doubled-down on claims of "diversity" by hiring two women to replace one long-term PR Chief who made insensitive remarks, even as reports of out-of-control spending and loss of subscribers continue to build.  We have a sneaking suspicion that once the company files for bankruptcy -- just before selling-out to Alphabet -- Netflix will claim it's because everyone's a racist sexist, and it has nothing to do with paying politicians $50mn to "shape young minds."

Keep in mind that the same "think tanks" and "college students" (interns for these non-governmental political organizations Organized Crime Syndicates) behind the PC movement were also behind the Satanic Panic and Video Nasties "movements" of the 1980s, and the goals are the same: Censorship, Austerity of Unapproved Thought, and the eradication of Humor under the guise of protecting special interest groups.  It is actually a form of "mind control," but we'll call it "Sociology" to avoid the loose application of such defamatory phrases as "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists."

On that same note (there's going to be a lot of racism, sexism, Anti-Semitism, and other -isms in coming weeks, thanks to the identity politics in-play for the mid-term elections), someone hacked SnapChat and changed the name of New York City, while a white Republican running against a black Democrat in the great state of (where else?) Florida surprised voters with a racist robocall playing jungle drums (whatever the fuck those are) and dog whistles -- or some bullshit, it's all bullshit -- credited to a White Supremacist... podcast?

Meanwhile, up to Washington (where all those new Netflix employees are from), President Bolton and crew are still telegraphing their latest false flag attack in Idlib (Syria).  Remember that the US uses chemical weapons on its own citizens everyday, and this will be the third time such an alleged chemical attack is alleged to have taken place in Syria by Assad, despite the fact that all evidence left behind is from the West and its allies.

The New York Times claims President Bolton Trump warned Evangelical Christian leaders that "The Left" would 'violently undo everything' if Republicans don't win the US mid-term "elections."  I am not sure what "everything" is, except for tariffs and corporate tax breaks -- which Evangelical Christian leaders enjoy as non-taxable, non-governmental organizations -- but I do know that preaching politics from the pulpit is illegal, even if no one enforces that law (including the IRS).  Each year, a coalition of churches, primarily in Texas, dares them to try.

Trump also tweeted that articles citing "Anonymous Sources" are bunk, and people should stop reading once they encounter the phrase.

Anonymous Sources said Chinese operatives hacked Hillary Clinton's server prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, which has been demonstrably disproven by at least two investigative sources, including the FBI.  President Bolton Trump cited these #FakeNews reports in a tweet, leading the FBI to repeat that they have found 'no evidence that the servers were compromised.'

Ever the wiseguys, Google -- whose founder, Eric Schmidt, worked directly with the Clinton 2016 campaign while working at the Pentagon -- sent e-mails to dozens of account holders who purchased malware known as RAT, which allows users to hack others' computers remotely.  This would be fine, were the FBI unreasonably asking for said information (and they may well be) without a warrant, but reports say Google already delivered it, so we'll see how that Obstruction of Justice thing plays out.

I don't recall them sending out e-mails when the NSA was doing it... nor do I recall hearing about the NSA "requesting" such access.

In what will eventually be proven related, a cybersecurity expert who worked with Assange and WikiLeaks has gone missing under mysterious circumstances in Norway.  He has not been seen since August 22nd.  Julian Assange, an actual journalist, has not been seen for much longer.

As several of these political narratives unfurl at once, like an octopus surfacing -- because they're all bullshit perpetrated by Organized Criminals -- the #MeToo "movement" castigated comedian, Louis CK, for returning to the stage after a 10-month hiatus following claims of (apparently non-criminal) sexual... "misbehavior?"

I never really got that one: The stories I read said he specifically asked them, and no one pressed charges or even sued him.  Creepy, awkward, but more sad than anything else.  It eventually sounded more like a shortcut to fame for his accusers, since he was #1 Very Big-Time American Comedian.

CK's club appearance was not promoted, and likely would have gone unreported, were it not for -- wait for it -- Twitter!

A beer named "BeerGoggles" was removed from a British pub for being "sexist."  Why the pub did this based solely on Twitter remarks is anyone's guess; the article does not mention whether or not actual, paying customers thought it was racist and also Anti-Semitic, nor how it wound-up on Outrage Central.  It does mention that the brewery is run by three sisters, though, so it could have been a clever marketing campaign.

Of course this post may get us shutdown; all of our posts might get us shutdown since organized crime infiltrated our playground.  This post was late for a lot of reasons, but mostly because my AC froze over.

Ladies and gentlemen, Buddy Holly.

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