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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Deep State Grandstanding

Found Guilty
Found Guilty
If anyone still belabored under the belief that social networks, search engines, or "the Free Press" were somehow "private companies" separate from the overreaching, Authoritarian hand of what is now known as "The Deep State," Schumer and friends laid that squarely to rest earlier today, as -- in yet another of their clearly coordinated attacks on President Trump, the American citizenry, and the rest of the entire world (and now, space!) -- hundreds of media outlets posted hate mail against the POTUS before their Senatorial handlers stood up and flung boogers at him.

In Legal terms, this would be considered "Grandstanding," or -- more fittingly -- "Showboating."  But, given the conditions, this is a clear-cut case of Sedition.

Further, given recent decisions regarding the INSLAW clique and their Seditious actions since their soft coup during the Clinton Administration, were I a Defensive attorney in any case involving the US Federal government -- and/or any and all "private" front companies working under government contract and/or lobbying firm/think tank/defense contractor/whatever-wiseguy-bullshit-you-got -- I would immediately move for a Mistrial.

Today's proceedings clearly evidence Sedition on the part of not only the Democratic National Committee, but several members of the Republican Party as well.  It also evidences the Western "Free Press'" continued Incitement of War, Collusion in the covering-up of War Crimes -- a War Crime in and of itself -- and participation in War Atrocities on both persons within, and outside of, the United States of America.

Forthwith considering the US "Media" -- or "Free Press," as it now stands (Big Six) -- a unit of the US Federal government working in a military position under War Conditions, this constitutes High Treason.  

And while we've focused heavily on the Democratic National Committee and its sponsors, mostly foreign, the Right side of that aisle is far from Innocent.  But that goes without saying, since the DNC and its "Free Press" has left little to say.  The RNC and the geniuses backing it haven't even fully grasped the game being played.

This is (yet another) Hegelian Dialectic which conveniently disregards the one and only Right granted in the First Amendment -- the one from which all the others stem: Freedom of Speech.

There's Jeffy-Boy Sessions and his religious junta on the one side, and little Chuckie Schumer and his Free Press insurgents on the other -- one waxing philosophical on their God-Given "Rights," while the other Presses out-of-work porn stars into military Service.  

I can just hear Jeffrey shucking corn before his flock: Extolling the virtues of his stolen, Mickey Mouse attempts at Theology before sending them forth to violate the living shit out of the Fourth and Thirteenth.  Maybe he'll murder a brown baby in swaddling before his congregation at the behest of his unseen God?  One can but hope.

And while today might not have answered the question regarding a million monkeys with typewriters (it was just shy some 999,600 monkeys -- give or take), it absolutely laid the groundwork for pursuing Conspiracy charges against the DNC and its backers, including their concerted efforts to Censor opposing views -- a Conspiracy against the First.  Good thing they all voted to reinstate Laws making all that Dark, foreign Money "opaque" again, just before their big Showboatin' Scene!

The Senate's resolution to aggressively oppose all speech and outlets that disrupt the narrative of the "Free Press" sets a dangerous precedent... one presaged by the imprisonment of Julian Assange, the baseless and illegal pursuance of Kim Dot-Com, and the Censoring of Alex Jones.  Oh, and they're back to taking Big Oil's dirty money again -- just before all this went down quicker than their daughters at a 31 Flavors.

Stay classy, Demobrats.

Then there's the brunet Barney Rubble and his goon squad looking into What They Gonna Do to Iran.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that MENSA meeting...  I can't imagine winning a Scrabble game against people (allegedly) whose entire vocabularies consist of two-letter words.  With all those beards, many Iranians look a bit like Western hipster douchebags... maybe Pompeo's Kill Team is hoping they'll drop their weapons and call one of them Timeouts?

Timberlake may have been playing The Long Game in buying MySpace, but I have a feeling Tom's about to see a lot of old friends.

Let's just pray all these meetings take place beneath those handy "IN GOD WE TRUST" placards we taxpayers ponied-up for to stop (alleged) school shootings.

The entire, Seditious congress of Senators, and all their dirty co-conspirators, are Guilty of Conspiracy, Election Tampering, Embezzlement, Sedition, and High Treason.  

Among even more serious charges.

© Copyright 2018, The Cyberculturalist

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