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Monday, August 13, 2018


Media Monopoly - 2016
Now There are Only Six!
Democratic US Senator Mark Warner of Virginia has drafted his terrorist manifesto against the US Constitution and the First and Fourth Amendments, but he wasn't able to keep it quiet: Someone leaked Warner's proposal to illegally surveil Netizens, and their activity, contacts, and exchanges.  Or this is a hoax... that could definitely come true.

Failed Presidential hopeful and career criminal, Hillary Clinton, has repeatedly called to shutdown and/or monitor the Internet.  In one oft-quoted quip, she said, "The Internet needs an editor," to the roar of her neo-fascist, brown shirt hangers-on.

On the day following Donald Trump's election, in which he handily defeated Clinton -- even going so far as to win districts that had not voted Republican in decades -- the Clinton cartel (CGI), backed by Nazi sympathizer and co-conspirator, George Soros, began its "Fake News" hunt in earnest.  Syndicates such as Hamilton68 began "monitoring" social media feeds for "Russian disinformation" and "Jewish Russian Sympathizing" -- hoping to sniff-out anyone who might hide a Russian in their attic, should they need to.

Eerily, the AIPAC-backed Hamilton68 -- and several NGOs like it -- employed "retired" government and law enforcement agents who retained their security clearance status, and refused to list the specific sites, accounts, or Jewish Russian Sympathizers they were terrorizing surveilling.

The Weirding's own Twitter account was removed following one of the terrorist network's infamous "Russian Bot Purges."  Having never even received a notice or suspension in a decade, the fascist curtailing was startling, but hardly unexpected.  We were treated worse than ISIS -- which, if you'll recall, maintained tens of thousands of Twitter accounts until a lawsuit was filed against the company by ISIS victims for Twitter's continued support of ISIS.

Most of those ISIS accounts were tracked back to the UK "troll farm" run by the Department of Work and Pensions.  Evidence pertaining to that burned in two separate fires which occurred, shockingly, at roughly the same time miles apart.  If you can believe that.

It was exactly one day after I posted this information about the aforementioned terrorist network on the aforementioned terrorist network that The Weirding's account was suspended, then terminated without warning -- or even an e-mail notification!

The First Amendment protects Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press -- but remember that all Press which is not controlled by one of the Big Six is considered "Fake News." Also remember that the MSM is not legally required to tell the truth -- in fact, it believes it can hide behind the NDAA the way Rachel Madcow hides behind her gender when called-out.

BTW, if you have never seen a tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorist at work, Rachel Madcow is 50x the lunatic that Alex Jones ever was.  At least InfoWars tells the truth some times!  

(I tried to find video of Rachel Madcow's truly insane conspiracy theories involving pie charts and Putin cartoons, but they've all been removed.  Almost all of the returns were from MSNBC, and the craziest ones -- the ones where she is screaming, crying, and sweating -- have also been removed.  That's what this is about, and how this works: They bury the evidence that detracts from the Big Lie they wish to sell, and allow only those outlets that support their Fraudulent, Libelous claims to be made available.)

Knowing that these restrictions on the First Amendment are blatantly un-Constitutional, private prison shareholder and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, created a religious junta to maintain autonomy -- for Christians.  This is far from the first time Sessions has attempted to mandate that "Religious Freedom" supersede the Right to Freedom of Expression, or the Law in general.

Whether working under government contract, under government oversight, or simply with governmental agencies in general (all of the major tech companies have contracts with the US Federal government and/or military -- Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, et. al.), these corporations absolutely cannot claim that they are exercising their "rights" as privately-owned entities to censure parties with which they disagree politically, religiously, or otherwise.  This tap-dance of legalities to skirt the Law has to end here and now:

If you are a private company working under contract to the government, you are -- by definition -- employed by the government, and are operating as a governmental agency.  Period.  There is no way in Hell this would be acceptable if the accounts terminated had all been from the LGBTQ community, or Dorsey decided to rid the platform of "Black Twitter."

InfoWars and Julian Assange are not countries or nations -- they are not enemies of the US, in any way.  So libeling them, and censoring them, is not a matter of propaganda or national security; it's a matter of War Crimes.  And colluding with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, the UK, Ecuador, and other foreign entities to accomplish these War Crimes is High Treason.

That, right there, is why they are desperate to shut us all up.

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