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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

TDS - SunnEyvale Certificate Modem-Level Hack

TDS SunnEyvale
TDS SunnEyvale
This invalid certificate renews itself, regardless of changes made to modem or device(s) connected.  When we have managed to "clean" the network, it is reinstalled usually over the telephone through spoofed calls from numbers including 559-515-8797, 502-301-1989, and 901-245-5067 -- just to name a few.

A week or so back, the entire network went out for an hour or so.  When service was restored, all Caller ID information had been deleted from the phones.  A friend in a neighboring town some 20+ miles away discovered that her entire phonebook and caller ID records had been deleted from her cellphone one week later.

That was at the time the NSA illegally destroyed evidence, admitting it had no right to collect said information.  This deliberate Obstruction of Justice was directly related to the DNC leak, as there was no hacking involved in that.  After this confession, the number of obvious spam calls dropped precipitously, but phonecalls that ring only once -- not long enough to be identified by Caller ID -- have started.

This is directly related to the complete falsehood that "Russians" have "hacked" the power grid... but we'll get into that soon enough.  (That "military exercise" was known as Project: GRIDlock, or "Lights Out" -- a "Blue Flag" operation.  I tried reporting on it both here and elsewhere, but the links kept being removed by... "Russians.")

This hack is known as a Cat 5, Network hack, and requires direct entry into the modem and the actual network, to which end-users do not have access; servicemen (NOC) have to handle this sort of thing at the box.  This is a highly sophisticated attack involving revolving entry points relating to cookies, ports, channels, and so much more.  

This kind of attack rotates to remain undetected, so that it covers its tracks while simultaneously finding a new entry point.  That way, the connection remains established but undetected by end-user software/hardware.  This is absolutely connected to the recent Amnesty attack stemming from ISrael.

This deliberate Shadow War against American civilians constitutes Terrorism, and is an Insurgency by members of the political and military/security spheres; this constitutes High Treason.  This is not "fiery rhetoric;" these pieces of shit are guilty of Murder in the First, Terrorism, Embezzlement, Election Tampering, and at least three dozen other felonious charges... and they have zero incentive to stop.

In fact, they just got another raise.

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