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Monday, October 9, 2017

Here is How You Pay for a $700mn College Expansion (CA)

Lottery Embezzlement
Lottery Embezzlement
While the expansion of the USC campus was announced years earlier, research indicates many of the companies tied to these schemes are construction-based.  The lottery winning was announced a day before the campus expansion was revealed and, in a highly unusual move for such a large pot, the winner announced herself in a national press conference.  This triggered the "need" for police protection (PPF, or Police Protection Fund).  The ticket price for the new campus, which includes a Starbucks and Trader Joe's, followed in short order... and was only $58mn shy of her "winnings."  

$58mn affords a co-conspirator a comfortable living, to be sure -- even after the cops get their piece -- should it ever be proven that she was, in fact, such.

We will discuss the funding of on-campus and online hate groups, including the many variations on Antifa, LLC (now liquidated), as we go, but it is a #cutthecheck scheme similar to that of the Bureau of Land Management's Operation: Black & Blue (#BLM), with funds distributed amongst the various "social activist" groups organized to sow discord for political advancement, and online operatives engaging in similar activities across social media -- including bot-net operations, infiltration of online groups, and the intentional spread of state-sponsored malware like Sakula.

This is all Federally-backed, directed by intelligence agencies (CIA), and funded through front companies and organizations -- many of which are university-based -- as well as online wire fraud, advertising and investment schemes, and dummy websites.  The most active include State Patrol lobbying firms (operating out of, or at least funneling money through, Canada), the DHS, and the FBI.  Almost all can be traced directly back to pro-Clinton organizations, such as Correct the Record.

Zero Federal authorities have contacted us regarding this, or any other, issue being discussed -- but rest assured they are definitely aware.  We hope the handful of Sophisticates that can afford to attend USC enjoy their new $700mn campus, and everyone who plays the lottery realizes it's just another money laundering sham for all the usual suspects.

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