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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Yahoo! Breach Part of OCT - Operation: Credible Threat

Reality Winner, Heather Heyer
Reality Winner, Heather Heyer
State actors have planted a widely-circulated propaganda piece claiming that all 3bn Yahoo! accounts were hacked mere days after multiple shooters opened fire on Nevada concert-goers.  This is a ruse.

This cover-up is meant to further the "elusive Russian Hackers" claim forwarded by the hopelessly corrupt Democratic National Committee, and distance itself from Operation: Credible Threat, or OCT(ober).

As details on the October 1st Las Vegas shooting spree emerge, we are learning that numerous witnesses -- including police on the scene -- suspected multiple shooters were involved, the "lone wolf" gunman had zero military training, and the exits had been blocked by "10-foot walls."  Prior to the shooting, the alleged gunman supposedly wired $100k to the Philippines (where his girlfriend was at the time), and had been placed on psychotropic medications.  

Yahoo! was working directly with US state actors at least as far back as 2014, allowing them to not only monitor, but directly access users' accounts, meaning state actors were allowed to fraudulently send and receive messages using other peoples' accounts -- as in, they fraudulently posed as users without our knowledge or consent.  There was no "hacking" involved, only Identity Theft and Fraud. Google is directly involved in the same practices at this very moment, in addition to Suppression of Evidence (Obstruction).

Russian hackers have not been buzzing my home with black choppers and prop-planes for the last 20 fucking years (the latest being October 4th at around 9:32pm).  Although any and all may have been involved to varying degrees, at some point along the way, neither have ISraeli, North Korean, or Chinese hackers.  Absolutely no one hacked the DNC.  This is part of an act planned by state-sponsored, US actors with military training -- colloquially referred to as "Defense Contractors," but better known as CIA operatives -- known as Operation: Credible Threat, or OCT (as in October), which I can directly tie to actors working out of the West TN theater that are using intelligence gathered by none other than Alphabet, Inc. 

While OCT is the name of the operation which lead to the senseless massacre of some 50+ concert-goers in Las Vegas, the organization behind it is is also responsible for Charlottesville; the Charleston ASD media fabrication, and alleged execution of Senator Clementa Pinckney; the #CutTheCheck riots in St. Louis, Baltimore, and elsewhere; Gamergate; and the recent spate of baseless sexual assault allegations made against many in Geekdom and the film community -- all of which lead back to pro-Clinton, DNC-backed organizations.  Investigators with military experience have suggested at least one of the shooters may have used a SAW M249, which is manufactured in South Carolina, and widely employed by US military personnel.

We'll get into it later.

While the Las Vegas massacre is not directly tied to Antifa, the emergence of the German-based, terrorist, hate group in 2017 America is part of Operation: Credible Threat.  And the flip-side of that same coin is the Right-wing extremist movement, which is funded by similar -- and often the very same -- factions.  As we have been detailing both here and on another Weirding (NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEWEIRDING.COM) blog, the overall goal is to play "Right-wing extremists" off of extreme "Left-wing activists" for cynical political gain.  

This is being orchestrated by one of the deadliest, and most Credible of Threats, in American political history: Hillary Rodham Goddamn Clinton.

Regardless of political affiliation, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a criminal mastermind, untouchable by all law enforcement agencies, and immune to criticism in any form.  Her direct ties to high-level intelligence operatives such as Eric Schmidt, and connections in media and the larger entertainment community, have made Murder in the First her most adored -- and effective -- political tool.

Supporters of Frau Clinton's methods, including many on the opposite side of the aisle, are deeply involved in drugs, extortion, and prostitution.  And, lest we failed to mention, Murder -- Murder in the First.  They launder their gains through pornography and the entertainment industry, in addition to all the usual Dark Money routines (Super-PACs, et. al.).  

OCT bears literally every hallmark of the Clintons' Syndicate -- often referred to as the "Dixie Mafia," or "The Good Ol' Boys' Network," though they operate largely out of New York (Canada) -- and the Las Vegas massacre was meant to be Trump's 9/11, as well as a warning to Federal and International agents working on the college sports scandal and other, related cases.

Operation: Credible Threat -- like Operation: Able Danger before it -- occurred shortly into a Republican Presidential upset involving a Clinton actor, and may have been in the works for several years prior.  9/11, or Operation: Able Danger, certainly was.  Clinton-backed operatives oversaw both projects, and carried them out.  

And Clinton-backed operatives are now working to cover them up.

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