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Monday, October 16, 2017

Guest Account Enabled - RAID Server (August)

Silk Road Entrapment - FBI

Note:  ZERO FBI, or other authorities, have seen fit to question anyone regarding these discrepancies, and evidentiary findings though they are very aware of them.  ISP: TDS Telecom (Wisconsin).  Research indicates this may be an entrapment scheme for private prison profits, college-level sports recruiting*, and [insurance] fraud.  West Tennessee: Madison, Shelby, Decatur, and surrounding counties (including Nashville) are heavily affected, but this is only one area(s); most activity appears to originate in (or around) Fort Worth, Texas, though some of this activity may have been conducted remotely.  South Carolina is where these plans were formulated, and are being directed.

The syndicate responsible for this outbreak has direct Federal ties, military backing and clearance, access to high-level military-grade technology, and have used private airports to traffick contraband.  Many work within the prison security complex, particularly as guards for these institutions, and/or as State Patrol officers.

Believe it or not, much of this is tied to gender politics, as many of the actors pulling the strings are female.  These are the same actors (actresses, to be linguistically correct) who started "Gamergate," cyberstalked opponents of Hillary Clinton's campaign, attacked "geekdom" mercilessly over the last several years, and have used baseless and unproven claims of sexual assault as a weapon -- the same way allegations of child molestation were used decades ago.  The cynical nature of these libelous allegations -- manufactured purely for personal, financial, and political gain in almost every event -- is twice as shocking when one realizes that the worst sexual offenders come from the Democratic Party and its supporters, and none have been held accountable.

While the most dramatic, active, and aggressive of these individuals and organizations originate from university campuses, the political umbrella guiding them is far from new.

* This post was written months before the college recruiting scandal broke, and may even have prompted it!  

The links to articles regarding Mena and West Memphis, Arkansas were included in previous posts, but were removed by Google upon publication.  They are provided below:



Tipper Gore spearheaded the PMRC, and her husband, Al Gore, proceeded over the hearings.  He later served as VP to Bill Clinton, who was impeached for sexual misconduct.

A link to Harvey Weinstein's contributions to a women's college has been removed (not by me).  The Weinstein Company did it (or had someone at Google do it for them); they also stole one of my films and neither credited, or paid me, for it (2005, it was released in either 2007 or 2008 during the writers' strike).

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