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Monday, October 23, 2017



Launchservicesd has something to do with the Mac OS (although what that is no one seems to be able to fully explain), and I found a program for Android under this name that is meant to be used as a scheduler, but it appears to have been employed for pernicious endeavors on my machine -- to launch a keylogger, keychain swiper, and paired device on bootstrap.  In this manner, it may be a cloned device (an iPhone 6 in this case, but also an Android device [Roku], and Windows machine running Server) paired to my machine.  

Whatever the case, there is never a reason for _launchservicesd to assert itself as a separate user with its own password.  This kind of operational hopscotch is what makes Sakula so powerful: It overwrites core processes central to the OS in one area, then erases its changes before moving on to another operation where it repeats the manner of attack.  It may used SavedState to accomplish this with programs/apps.  This is how it manages to install, erase, and reinstall users, profiles, and servers (from RAID to Apple to Windows to Android) undetected.  It works at all levels, from the server to the workstation to the modem to the program(s) themselves, in addition to retrieving new coding and information from HTTP calls.  We'll be examining some of these processes, files, and pages in coming months.

All of these intrusive hacks are courtesy of the US Federal government, whether through clandestine military operations or illegitimate "Law enforcement," using codenames that include "Weeping Angel" -- a process by which pieces of shit with US Federal clearance use your TV to record you, and control your wifi connectivity.  Given the level, and sophistication, of such intrusive surveillance, you have to question how anyone, anywhere, gets away with anything, ever, without such clearance.

To be certain, Organized Crime uses these tools as well, but if they get caught, they're just promoted and/or deputized by Uncle Sam.  This is Outlaw Country!  Woo!

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