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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Told You So

It appears that I am always right because I always am -- even when I'm wrong.  Over the last few months, I proved that these cocksuckers were running game out of this area, and the Feds are responsible for all of it.  This particular MISO has only cost 72 people their lives so far, so it's considered a "success" by the corrupt, unqualified pieces of shit running it.  This octopus organization is responsible for Las Vegas (Operation: Credible Threat), and is a joint RNC/DNC effort run by the military. 

$10 for pics of the four-door white Sedan with license plate E-44688 at either BLM -- ahem WLM (Windows Live Messenger) -- event.  Payable immediately via PayPal, monitored of course by the very motherfuckers doing this -- first come, first serve.

Considerably more for really good pics.  PLEASE do not act against anyone, as this is designed to undermine Freedom of Speech by "new" legislature, particularly that aimed at encryption and the forcible "collection" of private messages.  "Oppositional" agents will already be on scene to create the chaos they're looking for, so don't get caught in the middle.

Let professionals do their job and collect intel -- the way these scumbag INSLAW fucks hacked my network, computers, and Internet to "gain intel" on me.  Except that they actually used those handy "surveillance laws" to pair numerous devices to my network and workstations to help them carry out their operations.  So, I'm likely headed for prison or the grave... but I won't be going alone.  The Clinton Foundation has an axe to grind against me, as does the illustrious Bob Corker, the alleged pedophile Lindsay Graham, and others.  

Let's make it worth their while:

Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Antifa -- it's all the same, government-backed organization.   Most of these heinous cocksuckers are cops, prosecutors, private prison shareholders, and similar political and legal figures -- State Police, to be specific -- none of whom were indicted or arrested for the college athlete matter, for which they ran protection.  They are also running the opioid trade, which explains their sudden "Opioid Crisis."  

If I'm still able to, I'll post more about their operations, including Child's Play (Mulberry Bush), since The Intercept intentionally colluded with them to undermine my efforts, and WikiLeaks is blocked (just like my own site).  These are not law enforcement; these are motherfuckers too cowardly to be criminals, so they bought a badge.  This is full-on, organized terrorism designed to incite and enact violence against American civilians for the purpose of undermining Constitutional Law.

Make no mistake about it, this is an actual domestic terrorist organization, and killing them is 100% legal under a litany of laws, but because they are actual legal experts, government agents, and law enforcement (as well as EMT, police, and nurses' union members), it isn't likely to end well for any Good Samaritan.

Las Vegas could have easily been prevented... if the Feds weren't responsible for it: 

They allowed 60+ people to die so that it did not compromise their innumerable "infiltration" projects, during which they commit crimes against the American populace.  And they know I can prove it.

© Copyright 2017, The Cyberculturalist

1 comment:

Manodogs said...

This was supposed to go out tomorrow morning so as to catch them in the midst of their MISO, but Eric Schmidt runs Alphabet (Pentagon), and that's where most of their intel comes from -- the very "people" who made such a fuss about that dumb memo, the very "people" censoring everything, the very "people" defrauding us of our profits are the ones you will find at these events, on both sides.

The very organizer is directly tied to Hillary Clinton, and Eric Schmidt works for her.