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Monday, March 10, 2014

Blogger Commenting Glitch

I just noticed a glitch in the comments on a blog similar to this one. I recently changed the way comments are handled here because there was some issue with embedded commenting which I've forgotten by now, brought upon by the new changes (which I like, BTW). I changed the comments to a pop-out box but I have had no comments to post and I know that's my fault for not testing it but, in my defense, I made a lot of changes that day to several blogs and I just didn't have the time or patience to test everything.

Anyway, while attempting to comment earlier, I was unable to paste a link. I noticed there was an option beneath the box for sharing my comment to Google+, with which I had shared the article on which I was attempting to comment. I tried a few more times in vain. Finally, I unchecked this option, tried again, and was able to paste the link

So, be sure to uncheck the "Share on Google+" option before pasting the link you wish to share. If you want to share it with the social network, recheck the Google+ button after you've pasted your link but before you've posted it.

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