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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best Windows Music Player

I trust Lifehacker rather implicitly. I don't know that I'd trust them with my life, but short of that, when it comes to technology - and many other areas - they're my go-to guys (and gals). So they have decided that Music Bee is the new Windows music player to beat and I can't disagree - so far. I downloaded it on their recommendation but I've been on YouTube so much that I haven't bothered to really dig into it yet.

Music Bee handles Shoutcast quite well - actually better than WinAmp! Its own internal radio provider is Stereogum which, again, I have not listened to. I can only assume Music Bee doesn't support WinAmp's formats, although I don't know that either. While the defunct WinAmp's source code has not yet been released to the public, Music Bee may well have picked-up some of their former programmers.

I have to say that Music Bee looks sweet - far better than WinAmp ever did, in fact. The layout is nice and so packed with information and options that it looks overwhelming at first glance but it takes no time to get used to once you start playing music. It has a pane that shows the album art and information of the song now playing, which is really nice when listening to the radio. I do not know if it plays videos.

Definitely check it out.

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