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Sunday, March 9, 2014


I now have, like, five dayplanners/calendars and almost as many notebooks. In these, I keep ideas, plan events for personal and professional purposes, and various appointments, as well as a contact list several pages deep. Now, I'm sure the overwhelming majority of you reading this will say, "That's what your phone is for, dumbass!"

Except that I don't have a phone. Never have. Well, I had one really old model that takes those minutes cards, and you were forced to abandon whatever minutes were left over at the end of the month. After spending $20-30.00 several months in a row and having to sacrifice 10-20 minutes every month, I finally gave-in and quit buying the Goddamn things!

The truth is that I'm rarely ever out of my home and I'm not important enough for anyone to be cursing my name, God, or humanity in general because s/he can't get me on the phone for a couple, few hours.

Anyway, I'm writing this to remind you that you shouldn't rely too heavily on your technology; be good at what you do - know what you need to know - then you can perform under the worst conditions confidently, and well.

Now I have to compile about 10 notebook pages into a single agenda. But it's cool because I can copy and pas...

Actually I'll do that when I wake up, which will technically still be today.

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