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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Removed Linksynergy and Sorry!

Yeahyeahyeah, well technically this blog is focused on cyberculture - not technology - but you are absolutely right if you noticed we still had a Linksynergy ad on the sidebar for the last couple of years despite the fact that the company apparently went under and was still allegedly placing a tracking cookie on everyone's browser - or something to that effect.

The truth is that, if you hadn't noticed, I have been focusing on other facets of life the past couple of years. I have been running these blogs for eight years now, posting numerous entries on several of them daily for much of that time, and it just got to be overwhelming - not to mention financially unsustainable - I had no choice but to back-off and focus on more lucrative, and less stressful, options.

I was blissfully unaware the company had gone under and was absolutely unaware of any cookies or anything of that nature. Obviously, the ad was only supposed to place a tracking cookie on your machine if you clicked-through to purchase something but, according to some reports, it was placing a cookie on peoples' browsers whenever they visited a site or page on which one of the company's ads was placed.

I never made a dime with them anyway. I only joined their network to support RiffTrax.

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