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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Facebook Emoticons

Facebook EmoticonsOne of the worst things about Facebook is that it does not support/allow HTML or even BB Code. I don't know if it's more upsetting that I can't format my text or that I can't include hyperlinks within that text. Either way, it is mildly upsetting, since so much can be so difficult to convey online and formatting makes it easier.

Another approach is the use of emoticons. Not everyone appreciates them, though. Generally speaking, emoticons are just too "cutesy" to be taken seriously, and they certainly do not project an air of gravity or professionalism.

Still, when it comes to Facebook at least, emoticons are all we have to better communicate. Used appropriately, they can actually be quite effective, but for too long the selection has been severely limited. Now Facebook allows more emoticons than ever before, including (too few) emoji. Emoji are similar to Chinese characters in that they represent concepts, ideas, and subjects. Most of these extended emoticons are just variations on a theme (animals, flowers, different colored smileys, etc.).

The graphic above should probably be printed and kept close at-hand. At the very least, you should Bookmark this page for when you need it. Combine that with this handy link to literally dozens more and you have a veritable arsenal of emoticons at your fingertips.

Notice how those italics were used above? That's what I'm talking about.

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