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Monday, March 26, 2012

Settling In

So I finally got the fonts I needed for my computer, at least the one I didn't have and couldn't find on any of my CDs or anything. It was a font that should have come with Windows, but did not. I use it for the website and if you haven't seen the site or the blogs with Book Antiqua, they look a lot different than they should.

Despite the bad weather in the area, I only had to unplug the machine once the past few days, so I managed to get most of the other programs I use installed and even got some of them configured correctly. I had a scare yesterday when the computer locked-up for no good reason, then started giving me useless beep codes before it started working again after I swapped keyboards. I can't find the error log on here to be sure what caused the issue.

Anyway, it took a little over a week, but you have to give me a few days leeway there for Sims 3. I've done it so often the last few years that I could probably have gotten it all done in a matter of days, except for the configuration aspects. I even upgraded to Firefox 11! Of course, I'll be updating to Firefox 12 next week, so...

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