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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Just Changed the Keyboard...

The new computer locked-up on me yesterday out of the blue. I wasn't even actively using it; I was lying down in the other room, listening to a program I was streaming. I never did find the exact beep code for what I experienced, but the codes said something about keyboard input problems. I had been using the cheap Dell keyboard that came with the old computer - a USB keyboard. I replaced that with a PS/2 keyboard and everything has been great since, knock wood.

But the unintended effect is that the new keyboard feels so good to type on that it makes me want to write. I'd forgotten how hard it was to get used to the old keyboard, and even then I continued to make typing mistakes left and right. It's nice to have a full keyboard beneath my hands once again.

Still, I have no idea if that is what caused the computer to lock-up on me or not. I'm not sure this computer is logging errors because a search for an error log turned up nothing.

© C Harris Lynn, 2012

1 comment:

Manodogs said...

It's an HP DX desktop that was issuing two long beeps. There is no code for two beeps.