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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chat/IRC Functions

I am trying to develop some sort of chatroom/IRC channel function for the site. Long ago, we had a forum, but the spam was so rampant that it became literally impossible to maintain and ran all of the legitimate posters away. However, forums are passe anyway and were just there as an afterthought. What I'm trying to do now is develop a means of instant communication available at all times. That doesn't mean someone will physically be there at all times, just that it will be open whenever anyone wants to go there and chat or hang-out and hope others join.

More than anything, it is for discussing Weirding TV as we view it, but this brings its own set of issues which I'm also looking into right now. So far, Weirding TV is literally just a playlist - a collection of fare from around the Web that I've been presenting each Saturday morning in place of the Saturday morning cartoons we grew-up with that are no longer aired for whatever reason. Once something is established along the lines of an IRC channel, it will develop into something more. The plans are there, the execution is not.

I have only ever played with IRC for a few minutes - literally a handful of hours over the last 12 years or so - and never really liked it. I prefer AIM, but it has its own set of issues. At any rate, I am looking into this matter presently and if anyone reading this has any suggestions or ideas, I'm all ears!

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