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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flesh Drive?

In an attempt to avoid arrest, an alleged criminal swallowed a USB flash drive thought to contain evidence of a crime. When he had not passed the drive after four days, authorities managed to get him to agree to have it surgically removed.

Florin Necula was arrested by Secret Service outside a bank in Queens in late January on suspicion of credit fraud. Authorities say he and accomplices placed readers over ATM card slots which recorded their information when they swiped their cards. Agents recovered a lot of evidence in the way of cellphones, laptops, and more, from an apartment there in New York, but it was during questioning that Necula swallowed the flash drive - in full view of questioners and other witnesses!

A Kingston spokesperson said they had no experience with anyone eating their USB drives and were eager to learn whether or not stomach acid had damaged the device.

I liked something to do with "bytes" better for the headline, but that was already done to death...

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