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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Toxic Psychology: The APA Designed the CIA's Torture Program

Brave, but Oppressed, Fart-Rape Survivor
Oppressed Fart-Rape Survivor
A few years back, the mainstream media swept under the rug the fact that the American Psychiatric Association designed the CIA's torture program for Guantanamo Bay, and shielded it from criticism.  Guess who was running that whole thing?  If you guessed Bloody Gina Haspel, you get a night in The Box!

This is important because Bloody Gina Haspel and her friends over to the APA have now set their sights on boys and young men (again) with the same Malice Aforethought they showed at Gitmo (to which only men have been sent), claiming that rampant "toxic masculinity" is at least as dangerous as potatoes!

A lot of non-men (and Sympathizers) were running both organizations at the time, and still are, and they began a number of MISO on American soil for the purposes of eliminating "resistance" to the US paramilitary government using tactics they secretly perfected in the Middle East and elsewhere.

"New Wave Feminism" is part of a larger, weaponized cultural program known as Human Terrain System.

Its goal is to radicalize American civilians for the purposes of Terrorism, thus creating an Oppositional force (Controlled Opposition) which is used to Escalate situations, and Normalize higher tensions -- "Playing Both Sides Off the Middle."  Eventually, these radicalized elements are manipulated into committing unlawful acts, bringing about the Endgame: Manufactured Consent for greater Police presence, military action, and the Normalization of Force against civilians -- also known as Martial Law, or Law by Military Rule (force).

This process is known as "Insurrection."

In short, "New Wave Feminism" is simply another leg of the ongoing military coup -- a MISO, or Military Intelligence Services Operation -- using Divide and Conquer tactics.   Hardly the sort of "inclusive" behavior with which such "diversity" initiatives are popularly associated.

These military "projects" (this one could be called Project: Pacifier, for example) specifically target minors and groom them for radicalization.  While minors are more impressionable, they are also less likely to be tried as adults.  Should the young extremist be arrested, s/he is sent instead to a mental institution for further grooming by APA-backed (CIA-linked) operatives.  In most cases, this includes psychotropic, "anti-psychotic" medications, specifically designed by the CIA for use in "enhanced" interrogations.  If they are arrested and brought before a court, they are given the option of serving time or joining the military.

Does that sound like an unsubstantiated "Conspiracy Theory?"

Well, it doesn't to West Virginians or Texans, as Martial Law has already been declared in both states.  Literally.  Besides, we don't peddle Fake News; we're no "Yes Men," nor is our last name Brennan, and we dearly love to make our points crystal clear by providing ample evidence.

In reality, more women hold top-level political offices than ever before in the history of the Western world.  From Theresa May to Angela Merkel to Hillary Clinton to Gina Haspel to Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— to Julia Eileen Gillard to Nancy Pelosi to Debbie Wasserman-Schulz to Marsha Blackburn to Claire McCaskill to Kirstjen Nielsen to Alexandria Ortasio-Cortez to Candice Dawkins to Elizabeth Warren to Dianne Feinstein to Linda Sarsour to Cristina Garcia and more, many of the world's highest-level political roles are either presently filled by women, or have been filled by women in the last 10 years.

And we'd be remiss not to mention that whole Queen of England Monarchy thing.

Many of the world's top corporate positions are held by women; Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo!, Netflix, and many other, large, powerful, multinational corporations are run by women.  Several more have been overseen by women within the last 10 years, even if they are not presently.  As for the matter of "Equal Pay," women receive compensatory benefits that offset the difference in pay, including more days off -- yet this goes unreported, and unmentioned, due to the violent backlash from these radicalized elements.

Several of the world's most famous performers are women, both in the music and film (movies and TV) industries, and the overwhelming majority of American TV shows and movies from the last 10+ years feature "strong female leads."  This includes 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, I Feel Bad, The Good Place, The Spy Who Dumped MeThe Middle, Roseanne The Conners, Charmed, What Men WantSupergirl, Wonder Woman, Grown-ish, Handmaid's Tale, Killing Eve, Homecoming, LadybirdThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Will and Grace, and literally hundreds more.

Again, those are from the last 10 years, alone; we could go back further -- literally to the beginning of the motion picture and television industries -- and provide hundreds more.  Despite what you are being told by NDAA-funded operatives, women have always played an important part in the entertainment industry.

The Bestseller list, like the publishing industry itself, has been dominated by women for decades -- including Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, and Agatha Christie (to name just a few).  In fact, at this moment, Michelle Obama's book is the #1 Bestseller in both the US and Canada, and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird was recently ranked America's #1 favorite book of all-time.

As of today, three of the top five songs in America are by, or feature, women.  Many popular news anchors -- particularly in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia -- are women.  Women now routinely serve in Law Enforcement, the military, and sports -- roles once reserved for men.

As for men, most of the middle-aged white ones are dead or dying from substance abuse issues (US) or suicide (UK), and most of the non-white men are incarcerated.  Men are four times more likely to be raped than women, yet almost no arrests or trials result due to the associated shame; men account for 70% of all homicide victims; men are not allowed a say in abortion or the abortion "debate" (women get pregnant all by themselves, yet men are forced to "share" financial responsibility to avoid imprisonment for being "deadbeat dads"); men are almost never granted sole custody of children if the mother is alive; and 100% of the "whistleblowers" who have courageously brought to light these despicable programs, and heinous human rights abuses, are men.

(I provided no links to back-up these claims, as I want to see how much luck you have finding them in the search engines, and they are not the focus of this article.  Note that "whistleblowers" and the term "dog whistle" are meant to be used together, and are employed by the same tacticians -- I really wanted to add that link.)

Also important is the number of fake rape allegations that have been made in recent years, and how they were also swept under the rug.  Given the sheer number of these life-shattering criminal cases, and the successful civil cases that exposed them as fraudulent and malicious, one would think the #MeToo "movement" would be more prudent regarding the subject, but no.

Using unsubstantiated allegations of rape as a tactic for political, financial, and personal gain has become a hallmark of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements (as they have been for KGB agents for decades) -- despite no legitimate trials having taken place (mere allegations are all that are necessary).  Because, if you dare question any woman's sincerity, integrity, or motive for any reason, you are a misogynist.

If that neat trick at shutting down actual "resistance" sounds familiar, it's because that particular ad hominem attack is in widespread use by these organizations, particularly online.  It's known as "Attack Then Cry," and is often employed to "Deplatform" all who oppose -- online dissenters, in particular.

Just as today's collegiate-level instructors are primarily women, most sex industry workers in the 1990s were allegedly prostituting themselves to pay for their Psych degrees.  Coincidence?

All of this "mansplaining" by a "Bernie Bro" is just the tip of the iceberg -- and hardly a "Conspiracy Theory."  See, here to The Weirding, we do evidence, and the evidence proves that these media-generated culture wars are a Human Terrain System MISO using Divide and Conquer tactics which can be blamed squarely on the CIA, APA, and the paramilitary ISraeli/US Federal government and its members, co-conspirators (sponsors), and Sympathizers.

Because "New Wave Feminism" is a Military Information Services Operation (MISO) targeting American civilians, this is yet another matter of National Security amounting to Seditious activity.  Because the organizations involved have continually called for the Impeachment of a sitting President, it also constitutes High Treason.

It is one of the more urgent National Security issues, as the American Psychiatric Association is directly involved, it specifically targets children (minors) and minority groups, and a record number of American women are on mood-altering prescription medications.

For everyone who has ever said, "The world would be a better place if it were run by women," take a look around.

© Copyright 2019, The Cyberculturalist

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