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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Purpose of Pro-ISrael 'Laws' is to Hide ISraeli War Crimes

Sources report that H.R. 672 was illegally passed during the government shutdown on January 14, 2019.  However, this is Fake News: The White House website listed H.R. 672 as having been illegally passed a month ago.

As the video evidences, the purpose of these unconstitutional anti-BDS "laws" -- illegally passed in secrecy -- is to silence critics of ISrael and the apartheid settlement's continued War Crimes.  H.R. 672 goes even further: 

The purpose of HR 672 is to force American citizens to purchase ISraeli goods, products, and services.

These unconstitutional "laws" are disguised as "anti-discrimination legislation," but ISrael is an illegal settlement, not a minority group, and is not even located within American borders.  Were the word "ISrael" in this series of Bills changed to "China," it would criminalize the ongoing Trade War with that established, and internationally-recognized, nation; were "ISrael" changed to "Google" in H.R. 672, it would make it illegal to not use Google products and services.

This video shows the true purpose of these illegal "agreements" establishing the UK/US/ISraeli Axis: To prevent any and all criticism or questioning of ISrael or ISraeli "citizens," while allowing only proponents of the War Crime, ISrael, to speak.

More literally, Zionists can now "legally" berate and verbally accost American citizens with impunity -- as shown in the video above -- and American victims can be charged with Hate Crimes should we defend ourselves (this is known as "Attack Then Cry").  In fact, even reporting these attacks on American citizens can be considered grounds for termination on Pro-ISraeli, pro-apartheid "platforms," which include Google, Twitter, Facebook -- even Apple and Microsoft! -- literally all Big Tech companies.

It also creates an ISraeli- run Stasiesque Gestapo as an enforcement agency within the confines of the American borders -- that is, ISraeli "police forces" whose sole purpose is to silence American critics of ISrael and Zionism.  This is important, as Zionists are masters of a baiting technique known as "Attack Then Cry," and Hasbara officially targets critics of ISrael online.  Hasbara is responsible for much of "The Purge" attack on social media recently, in which thousands of private citizens' accounts were illegally removed.

This overreach allows Zionist organizations -- specifically ISraeli-based extremists -- to monitor your private communications, purchases, and activity, and illegally access your devices remotely.  Imagine trying to login to your own, personal computer or device, only to find you have been locked-out of it for posting criticism of Zionism, or refusing to purchase ISraeli goods and services.

Imagine trying to login to your own personal device to find you have been locked out of it for writing "anti-semitic" material you have never even published -- or visiting a website considered critical of Zionism or the government, such as Wikileaks.  This is what the "WannaCry" routine was designed to do.  

This is specifically the type of activity Huawei executives arrested in Canada and Poland stand accused of!  Even if ISrael were a recognized nation, this selective application of the Law proves the charge of Treason levied at US officials; because ISrael is a rogue settlement, it further proves the charge of Sedition by these same officials.

I realize that posting this can result in the termination of my account, and even the closure of this site, but this is a matter of (American) National Security.  This behavior not only constitutes Sedition by US officials, but Treason and Conspiracy.  Even if the charge of Treason is taken extremely literally, these unconstitutional "laws" provide aid and comfort to organizations that have openly declared War on American civilians. 

Washington DC's support of ISrael has not only provided motive for America's enemies, but made America and her citizenry targets for ISrael's numerous enemies.  Further, it has brought these enemies closer together, forming anti-American alliances where none existed before.  It has also opened up the US to liability for ISrael's actions and behavior -- including apartheid and War Crimes -- as ISrael claims that International Law does not apply to it.

Ironically, the UN classified Zionism as Racism in 1975.  Barack Obama made boycotting ISrael a crime in 2015.  In 2016, ISrael's Ambassador to the UN officially "declared War" on non-Zionists.

Support of this War on American citizens constitutes Treason under the rule of Law, and this is what they are covering up through Force Majeure.

© Copyright 2019, The Cyberculturalist

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