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Friday, January 25, 2019


This is one of the many things we said on Twitter that angered Jack Dorsey and his merry band of unelected Censors, so let's see if it gets us booted off of here:

North Korea absolutely does not have the technology to launch a successful missile strike anywhere in the mainland US.

Not only do they lack the propulsion technology to launch a missile which could reach the US mainland, even if they had missiles that could reach the US, the US has anti-missile technology that would detect the launch, and destroy the missile, long before it reached the mainland.

Google and Amazon both know exactly who is doing this, and are actively working in tandem with those agencies to cover it up.  Conde Nast knows that I've visited their magazine sites three times this month -- despite my VPN, despite having cleared my cache and cookies -- so there is no way that two of the largest Internet monopolies in the world cannot figure out that US military operatives are behind these Terrorist attacks.

US defense contractors are behind all domestic US Terrorist attacks -- all of them: All of the "White Supremacist" attacks; all of the "Antifa" attacks; all of the Muslim terrorist attacks; all of them, all of it.  Well over 96% of all Domestic Terrorism leads directly to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and/or FBI.  (Some lead to ISraeli, UK, Chinese, and Saudi Nationalists.)

But, even more specifically, they lead directly to Senators, Congressmen, and government officials who receive funding from these Big Tech and Military-based companies.

Absolutely no one else could do these things and not be detected -- #RussiaGate proves that!

If 2000+ US Defense Contractors and Agencies with a combined budget of nearly $2.3 trillion cannot secure the citizenry, and all of the attacks are due to individual end-users' lax security measures, then those Defense agencies and contractors must first be stripped of their clearance, and that money must be redirected to the end-users so that we can afford better security measures.

Either we are wide-open to ICBM attacks from North Korea, election meddling from Russians, and technological spying from China, or we are not -- it literally can not be both at the same time.

And, if we are, then we have wasted $2.3tn on incompetent assholes with foolish ideas, or they have simply embezzled it.  No border wall will stop Russian hackers, nor will a Star Wars defense system stop Chinese wire-tapping -- neither of which is even possible, given the NSA's massive overreach.

It simply isn't possible.

It is not possible that a nation with a Defense budget which dwarfs that of all other nations combined can face a new National Security threat every Goddamn day.  It is not possible that Conde Nast's paywall works when the US military, Google Plus, Equifax, and others are so easy to bypass.  It is not possible that the Internet has existed for 30+ years without all of these overwhelming issues that only came to light when Hillary Clinton did not win the 2016 Election.

And, if it is possible -- due to overwhelming negligence, incompetence, or outright collusion -- then why the fuck would they be taunting these admittedly more powerful foes who are intent on destroying the US?

Why would these enemies target civilians and not military personnel, anyway -- if they so clearly have the choice?  And why would any opposing force tip its hand so continuously?

If an enemy can hack into a nation's Emergency Alert system, political parties' systems, electoral systems, electric grid, cellphones, and basic devices, why would they let literally everyone on earth know it?
North Korean Nuclear Missile Test
North Korean Nuclear Missile Test

And now that these companies and agencies do know these networks, devices, and sites are not secure -- as the MSM continually reports -- why have they not secured them?

In 30+ years, why have we never before experienced such an overwhelming influx of #FakeNews?  How have alleged "conspiracy theorists" suddenly outwitted, and endangered, so many netizens, despite having been around this entire time?

How is it possible that I have never heard of Stormfront until Hillary Clinton made it famous -- or Gab, or Alex Jones and InfoWars -- despite the "fact" that they all pose such an immediate threat, not just to me, but to the entire nation?

Why do former Defense ministers and contractors retain their Top Security Clearance?  If Jared Kushner and a sitting President can be "compromised," how can these former Intelligence Security (IS) operatives not?  Rescinding an agent's Eyes Only Security Clearance when they stop working for the government should be the very first thing that happens -- particularly when the nation is on high alert!

Google can not shirk its responsibility any longer: There is literally no way in the world that a company as large as Google could not be aware of the heightened security risks the US allegedly faces today, so it is 100% responsible for manufacturing and selling a device it knows to be a security risk -- as is Apple, Microsoft, et.al.  Individuals are not being targeted, networks and sites with consumer information databases are, so the responsibility lies with them.

While literally everyone in the entire world has Motive to attack the US and US operatives, only the US Military Defense State Apparatus -- including Google, which is a subsidiary of the Pentagon's Alphabet -- has both Means and Opportunity to attack US civilians on an ongoing basis.

You do not have to worry about North Korea hitting the US with a missile, or Russian hackers sending you fake Emergency Alerts; you have to worry about the US, or one of its Allies, launching a False Flag attack, or allowing an enemy state to successfully attack in order to gain support for a foreign invasion.

No one else has this information, or access to this information -- and, if they do, then that is the only "National Security Risk" we face.  And it is a security risk which originates far above the end-user's devices and accounts.

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