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Monday, November 20, 2017

eSellerate Profiles

eSellerate Personae
eSellerate Personae

Locate EWS on your Apple computer in the Frameworks folder.  eSellerate is used by legitimate software companies, but those registration numbers, keychains, and passwords are later sold by third parties on sites such as Fuckbookhacked dot Com.  The money is routed through numerous world banks to BitCoin.  A folder called "Strings" then sends that money through Apple Pay, converted into other currencies along the way, to locales such as Warsaw, Poland (allegedly).

All of this activity is 100% US Federally-funded through such Acts as the NDAA and front organizations; there are no foreign actors involved who are not receiving US funds (or there weren't prior to the FBI/ISraeli jailbreak).  Most of this originated out of Nevada, Texas, and the UK.  Much of this activity can now be traced back to university-based STEM programs.  This money is generally funneled into Black Ops programs for the US military, such as drones and plastics (used to make drones).

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