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Monday, November 27, 2017


VPN Disabled
VPN Disabled
This Android (Google / Alphabet, Inc.) HTTPS string (Sakula) is used in conjunction with others to intercept webform data, receive coding, and infiltrate the user's system.  This is facilitated in part by throttling the user's Internet speed, which can also be accomplished any number of ways without the explicit complicity of the ISP (DDoS attacks, overloading background processes, and more).  In this fashion, the information being sent is collected and modified before it reaches the server.  This Android Developer HTTPS script was used to access my keychain (passwords).

This form of cyberterrorism is a classic gangstalking technique employed by Federal agents and their co-cnspirators, or CI.  This particular code injection was likely made through an extension, or a set-top Roku device, but the overall malware is Sakula -- a rare trojan favored by US intelligence agencies for targeting individuals.  Operatives working out of Texas (and possibly Wisconsin) also created a fake profile in my name, directly under the Federal authority of none other than Eric Schmidt.  Repeated efforts to have this profile removed have been denied, even after presenting Schmidt's organization with highly-sensitive personal information (which only furthered their identity fraud efforts).

Schmidt is directly affiliated with the Clinton Network -- a syndicate operating throughout the Southern United States.  Alphabet, Inc. -- Google's parent company -- is a nod to "Alphabet Soup," or the "Three-Letter Agencies," 17 of which comprise the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, or Confidential Informants Association), and leads back to the Pentagon.  A myriad of highly illegal mercenary units, such as ISIS (now SIS) and TigerSwan, work under the banner of the US terrorist organizations, DOD and DHS.  All of these agencies ostensibly fall under the jurisdiction of the DOJ -- one of the most pervasive and feared terrorist organizations in the world since the Soviet KGB -- but operate without oversight.

Again, any and all foreign actors involved in this or any other intrusive efforts are being directed by US Federal agents/agencies; there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that any foreign actors have ever hacked any US institution without prior knowledge, and/or direct help from, US agents/agencies.

This is https/%2F%2Fdeveloper.android.com%2Freference%2Fandroid%2Fsecurity%2FKeyChain.html.webhistory in its entirety:

bplist00“ SURLTName_ Fhttps://developer.android.com/reference/android/security/KeyChain.html_ KeyChain | Android Developers

This is one illegal infiltration methodology of the criminal, "shadow" US government, sometimes called the "Deep State":  This is how the Shadow War on American citizens, directly perpetrated by the Federal government (in connection with other intelligence organizations worldwide), is waged.  This is funded clandestinely, as we are documenting, largely through universities, NGO front organizations, and charities.  

If this sounds conspiratorial, or "cloak and dagger" -ish, that's because it is: That's what scumbags like this do; this is their job.  Their job is domestically terrorizing American civilians, then hiding all evidence of having done so.  Their job literally requires them to conspire with others -- that's their whole fucking job.  Private information concerning Targeted Individuals is collected at State and local levels, and passed on to Federal agencies, and operatives, which then provide them to mercenary groups under the DOD or another banner, that sell them to foreign actors -- no hacking necessary.  Reports of massive ID theft are largely cover stories for this illicit activity, which includes insider trading, criminal profiling, and any number of criminal acts.

This attack was made through Safari, masked beneath Firefox which was uninstalled prior to this, but continued to show as operational (probably through a paired device[s] that cannot be removed).  This may have been the way "_launchservicesd" was installed as a separate user, and the password to my personal account was changed.

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