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Monday, July 24, 2017

Clear GIF Tech (Halliburton Blackwater Raytheon)

This appears to be clear GIF technology employed by none other than our friends over to the terrorist cell, Blackwater (Halliburton).  Former Blackwater CEO and notorious terrorist, Erik Prince, is Betsy Devos' brother, and a secret advisor to President Trump.   According to The Internet, he also founded the terrorist group, Academi, and remains a current member.  Trump's top foreign advisor, Jospeh Schmitz, is a former Blackwater terrorist, as well.

Clear GIF technology embeds information into image files in an invisible layer (apologies if that is incorrect).  Usually, this embed sets a beacon (cookie) on the viewer's device(s) and/or network to track their online activity -- but other information can also be shared using Clear GIF tech, and cookies can be used for far more than merely tracking Targeted Individuals.

Bear in mind that IS is not my department; everything I am sharing is information I am learning as I investigate the criminal activity on my home computers and network.  I am certain to get some of this wrong, but attempts to reach proper outlets have proven fruitless or difficult, at best.  Authorities contacted literally said, "If you have nothing to hide, why do you care?"  This was clearly a scripted response, as it was repeated by numerous spokespersons for the TBI, DOD, and others (all female, which will be important later).  Probably little more than a useful fool in their continued terrorism of American citizens, I base my information on observation and the limited info to which I am privy -- much of which is counter-intelligence.   Also bear in mind that none of this -- the Patriot Act, militarization of the police, the sudden proliferation of "social justice organizations," terrorist "infotainment" passed-off as "news" -- would be considered decriminalized activity, or necessary in any regard, without an enemy or cause to fight.  

Prince is a thankfully rather rare (outside of the US) breed of psychopath and sociopath.  A terrorist and war profiteer by nature, Prince made his fortune through murder, deceit, thievery, and terrorism.  Far superior to the second-tier dolts (1) in the three-letter agencies, defense contractors such as Prince's Blackwater are literally above the law worldwide, and can do anything they want to anyone they choose, anywhere, any time -- and there's nothing anyone can do about that.

The US government has become nothing more than a vicious, frightening, terrorist organization preying on its own citizens with impunity.  Hiring Blackwater terrorists to run the country is an afterthought, as pieces of DOD-sanctioned shit like Blackwater, ISIS, and other wetworks Black Ops organizations have been running the show for decades.

(1) I have reason to believe ZeroHedge may be compromised, intentionally or otherwise, and may compromise others' systems.  If your software blocks it, you may be better-off not visiting.  Other linked sites may be blocked due to government tampering, as they are determined to censor all factual information.

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