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Monday, July 10, 2017

CIA's Vault 7 Open -SSH Script (BothanSpy)

This is the Open -SSH script (BothanSpy) intelligence agencies use to domestically terrorize private, American citizens. This script was found running on Mac Sierra 10.12.5 in June of 2017 in Decatur County, TN.

CIA and FBI operatives are known for their widespread terrorist activity, including forced prostitution of children and adults, production and distribution of child pornography, murder, mass murder, conspiracy to defraud, fraud, conspiracy, and war crimes. They are rarely prosecuted under US Law, and are known to terrorize private American citizens at will. This practice is known as "gangstalking," and its victims are known as "Targeted Individuals."

This particular instance was created, and used, by local law enforcement officials and "snitches" working in Official Capacity (Immunity).

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