Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WoW Suffering DDoS Attacks

Numerous people, including myself, were ejected from their World of Warcraft game Tuesday evening to receive a message that certain Internet service providers were undergoing DDoS attacks, resulting in latency and disconnects in the game.

Sure enough, once I clicked the "Go Online" button, it took me to a queue. I finally got back into the game for about an hour before being disconnected again. I saw a similar message, although it worded somewhat differently, a few years ago, but those are the only two times I've seen anything regarding DDoS attacks. 

Group Finder was down for a while following the first outage, and I am giving it a few minutes now before I try to log back on. I saw a lot of people asking about it in Trade, and thought I'd post on it since I had a moment.

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