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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pre-Legion Patch Changes for BM

Beast Masters have been completely overhauled in the Pre-Legion patch for World of Warcraft, and so have the pets. Some Spirit Animals have kept their special abilities, but not all. Your pet's specialization matters more for most beasts, though exceptions remain.

BM continue to have a handful of ranged shots, depending upon the toon's Talents, but their primary focus is now on their pets. Several Talents play into this, but a configuration somewhere between Survival and older BM modes is unavoidable. Dire Beast, which calls a second pet to fight for you, is now a basic ability, and one of the only ones that generates Focus. If I have a complaint, it is that you are nearly forced into taking Chimera Shot to offset loss of Focus in combat.

BM no longer have Traps of any kind, but they do have a few AoE attacks -- perhaps more than before. Multi-Shot, for example, now triggers Beast Cleave, spreading damage to surrounding mobs; and the aforementioned Chimera Shot delivers moderate damage to two targets at once. The most important combat maneuvers have a CD, usually exceeding one minute.

They are definitely more difficult to play than earlier versions, but (with the exception of Chimera Shot) there are actually more options for individuality than before.

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