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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

EPIX Content Leaving Netflix, Headed to Hulu

In a deal reportedly worth as much as $1bn, Netflix decided against renewing a licensing contract with EPIX. Instead, Hulu will distribute the EPIX film library. It is unknown as to whether or not the library will be available on basic Hulu or only Hulu+.

Netflix representatives said the decision was made based on the fact that it wants to focus on exclusive, original content. Netflix garnered an impressive 34 Emmy nominations in 2015, and already offers several original programs. Hulu also offers a lot of original content, but a chunk of it is merely foreign. You can also now purchase Showtime as a Premium "Add-On" to Hulu+ for just $8.99.

Netflix' material tends to be of superior quality, but it has also procured new seasons for previously canceled shows including Arrested Development and Full House. Hulu is extending The Mindy Project (formerly on FOX) for at least one season.

Shudder, a $4.99/mo. all-horror channel recently premiered to generally positive reviews.

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