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Thursday, September 3, 2015


I have not been able to get this laptop to the support store, but it took two different technicians seven and a half hours to rid it of that Goddamned CrimeWatch virus. So far, it appears to be gone, but I cannot be certain - after all, I hunted it down myself a few weeks back. It's a tenacious bug.

I changed my virtual swap but haven't noticed a dramatic increase in performance. I also have a USB drive for ReadyBoost. Between the two, the performance has definitely improved, but it's still sluggish. According to the handful of reviews I've seen, this is a common complaint.

I have been trying to benchmark my Internet connection for about two hours now, if that tells you anything about my connection. I am looking for a better DNS provider. Windows 10 reminds me of earlier versions (as in 3.11 and 95) in that you really have to dig into the thing to optimize it for your needs. And while it's great to have those options, you shouldn't have to hack the OS to implement them. Just as with those earlier versions, I find myself micromanaging my resources despite having a near-infinite increase in those resources.

I ran The Weirding as a BBS on a Tandy 486SX with something like 8MB of RAM and a 2400-baud phone modem, so I've had to micromanage resources before.

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