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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Staying Regular

No, this is not an advertisement for Activia; we're using scheduled posts to keep things going along here while we work things out in the background. This blog, in particular, has gone through some spectacular design changes the last few months - and we're still working things out! But, no, this is about the scheduled posts you'll be seeing more of in coming months.

Many times, a story will emerge that makes headlines and has to do with IT. We don't always cover them automatically because we would then be competing with everyone else and that makes it difficult to be noticed. Besides, (my) blogs are op/ed sites and I'm going to give you my take on the whole thing unless I only bring it to your attention.

If you haven't been to The Weirding but you dig tabletop RPG, comic books, B-movies, and similar things, you just might dig that. That's what we've been digging-on for the last few months, in addition to this little ditty. The Cyberculturalist is considered the IT Directory of the larger picture even we can't see yet (but we're looking). That's why the banners are there.

So don't be offended if we cover a story you've already read or you think we're being impersonal. We'll be dropping-in with new stories and content along the way, too.

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