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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's Getting Close to Spring

Yes, I have been cleaning-out many of the items I'd saved from last year to bring you at some point (but I was busy with redesigning efforts at the time). I know many were more timely and deserved to be written before now but even this one was written a few weeks ago! Basically all of our efforts on The Weirding are being put toward The B-Raters right now and I redesigned the entire site (still working on that, BTW) in the middle of all this.

Still, if I "bookmarked" them, that means I Drafted an item with some thoughts and/or links to the article(s) in question to come back to later. It's a skewed system but far more effective than simply Bookmarking them in my browser (because I can't find anything there). So, at least you're hearing about them now, if nothing else; this stuff is still news to some people!

Anyway, I guess it's kind of like "Spring Cleaning" but now that I finally have a background design I like and all that out of the way, I can focus on what I'm really here to do: blog cool tech and Internet shit to you. And I saved quite a bit of it through those lean months so get prepared for some "old" stuff and especially how I try to tie it to newer developments.

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