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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Improving Our Search Engine Visibility

I admit to being one of the world's worst at ignoring e-mail. This is largely true because many of my accounts have been flooded by spam to such an extent that I simply quit logging in to them. But also because I am lazy.

So the last week or so, I have been trying to kind of tie-up some loose ends where it concerns the websites and blogs, et. al. I had no idea so many things had changed in the year or two since I'd bothered with all such things. I also know that it's best to register and create profiles all over the Web but I don't have time for that, nor is that the kind of audience we're trying to cultivate.

Generally speaking, every way to contact and/or follow us is posted here; any other social media accounts, websites, or blogs bearing our name or similar do not belong to us and do not represent us unless disclosed. Links to these will be included here and confirmed through search engines, META data, and other means whenever possible to ensure authenticity. I tried to claim all of the accounts on the services we use wherever possible with limited success.

We used to include an ID card and some other (at least formerly) standard information but, due to circumstances beyond our control, have had to limit the information we share, We do not have a newsletter at this time nor are we considering one although you may subscribe via RSS feed. The Cyberculturalist covers matters concerning technology, computing, the Internet, and Cyberculture and offers resources related to these subjects.

The Cyberculturalist is a blog and all information shared should be foremost considered Op-Ed, not hard news. Whenever possible, links to credible sources are included but due to the ever-changing nature of the Web and time limitations, not all links are current.

We are not lawyers nor is this a legally-binding document, simply a statement of purpose and disclosure. Our opinions are our own and do not reflect anyone else's nor any other entities' - half the time, they don't even reflect our own opinions.

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