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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rundown has Changed, Please Change Your Subscription Feeds

I discuss the reasoning behind the name change elsewhere but The Rundown is now called Rated-B and while it is still available at the same URL, the RSS feed has been changed.

If you are a subscriber, please update your feed to the following:



© The Weirding, 2014

UPDATE:  It appears this was a MISO to misdirect readers to another feed.  The original feed continues to work, and cannot be changed under Blogger.  Blogger is a department of Google, which falls under Alphabet, Inc. -- a CIA front for Pentagon Black Ops.

Disregard this post, and continue using the feed found on the blog, as there is no way to change it.  (well, there may be, but I see no need.) - 2018

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