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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Weirding Presents Rip-Off

This weekend,
join The Weirding Theater Presents Rip-Off LIVE!

Although we're still researching the matter, this movie suggests Canada existed in the 1970s and even had children there! Again, research is sketchy, but it appears we attempted to liberate them around this time but only rescued Alanis Morrisette, Rick Moranis, Bryan Adams, and Michael J. Fox. To this day, Canada has not taken them back...

We don't know what's that about - especially since they're supposed to be polite and all - but from the stills we've seen, they always dressed hosers. We're probably going to discuss what that's aboot. Note that flappyheads may make some dialogue hard to follow.

This Saturday, join The Weirding Theater Present Rip-Off LIVE at 9:30pm CST simulcast on Google Hangouts and YouTube.

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