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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Technical Upgrades INC

Yes, finally - after oh, too many years - I am in the process (this very day, in fact) of upgrading the equipment used to bring you all this wonderful mediocrity. I found a pretty sweet laptop on clearance, unfortunately it does not have as much RAM as I would like nor the video card(s) suggested for our needs (although it does meet the minimum requirements). This is why I am busy "price-shopping;" obviously, if I am going to be forced to purchase upgrades and pay for installation/service, I'm better-off just buying a better machine.

However, the great thing is that, with a laptop, we should still be able to do the show even without electricity - which is an all-too frequent occurrence in this neck o' the woods. And, if you were ever to drive by my house - and drive right by it you would, as it's nigh-invisible from the road - you would have an entirely new appreciation for the phrase "neck o' the woods."

We'll also try to get around to changing this awful template/appearance this week.

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