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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Embedded Videos and Playlists

If you are following us on Facebook, you know we provide multimedia "programming" in the form of links to videos and other fare online - usually video. For some time now, I have been looking into how to create and share Playlists for sites like Netflix, which don't have an autoplay feature (at least not on my Roku; I did notice one online when I watched a TV series on the computer a while back; my parents have a different streaming device and told me their Netflix has the same autoplay function on the TV as it does online) but I also want to know if I can make Playlists which include URLs from numerous websites.

Long-time readers know we support(ed) WinAmp quite extensively. Unfortunately, WinAmp is no more. Still, I was unsuccessful in my attempts with it. I have also found that WMP is unable to connect to video URLs. I removed VLC from my computer some time back because I never used it; I will have to reinstall it.

It appears that I may be able to do this only by embedding the video Playlist directly into the post/page. I know absolutely nothing about this. It looks like I can only do so by using [an] add-on[s] which support a specific player, meaning I'd have to try several and choose one then get into actively supporting it. In this way, I get more people to install/use the application - at the very least to become familiar with it. As the application becomes more "acceptable," more people are likely to check-out my little Playlists.

The reason I'm writing this is because I plan on including programming technology and cyberculture - especially instructions on how to install, maintain, and get the most out of the stuff we use.

Speaking of which, I see that only subscribers can use the Last.FM Scrobbler now. As many problems as that thing has caused and now you have to pay to use it!? It says non-suscribers can still listen to Last.FM through the website itself.

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