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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 Now Online

It had been rumored that 5.3 was set to debut today but due to the months of rumors related to 5.2, no one knew whether or not it was true. However, I logged in today to find it updating and the notes for patch 5.3 in the window.

There are four new scenarios and two of the old scenarios have been somehow "upgraded." There is also an option for Heroic Scenarios which grant Valor (VP). You can do one regular or one Heroic per day for bonus VP but not both. There is also a new questline. Magical minions have been upgraded somewhat but apparently, Warlock pets had already been upgraded so players won't notice a difference on their toons. I haven't noticed a difference at all but the notes say this has been active for 'lock pets since 5.0.

It appears that all of the classes have new Talents and Glyphs and several abilities' nature have changed. I just cheered when I read that Hunters' stables now have 50 slots instead of 20!

The Battle Pets system app[ears to have gone through many changes. There are also new pets to be found and PVP Pet Battles are now available in dungeons and raids. Burning Crusades raid bosses now drop pets and there is an achievement for getting them all.

There is also something called Loot Specialization. There are more changes but I am about to play. I may let you know what I think of it in a week or so.

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