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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Asian Domain Registration Service Scam

Every few months or so, I receive a similar letter from a different sender regarding copyrighting/trademarking my domain name in Asia. The letter claims to be from someone working at the "Asian Domain Registration Service." It claims a company in China wants to register my company's name as its "Brand Name" along with "some domain names through our firm." It then requests information from me to stop this from happening; it claims it will continue processing this unnamed firm's request if they do not hear from me within like 7-10 days (it varies).

Again, I have received these e-mails off and on for years now but, just recently, I've received several of them. In doing some very minor research, I found that others have been receiving them lately, meaning this scam is on the rise. This scam appears to have originated in or around 2007 and its purpose is to scare the domain registrar into purchasing additional, unneeded and unnecessary, domains. Even the BBB is aware of it and warned webmasters about it in 2009.

If you should receive this e-mail, or one similar to it (as the content is frequently changed to avoid spam filters and sound more professional), please post a comment here to let us know. Do not reply to it, just flag it as spam then delete or archive it.

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