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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New WoW Patch

After yesterday's update, World of Warcraft users logged on to find a new five-minute download waiting for them before they could play. There were several minor changes according to the release notes, but I didn't notice any real changes when I was playing. All I have done so far is run dailies though. I fought a few mobs and even some elites but I have not run any dungeons as of yet.

I did notice that Hunters' new Trueshot Aura was present for the first few days following the original patch then it disappeared for a while. It is back now but it is supposed to affect the entire party and I do not see it as a buff on party members' toons when I check. I may simply be overlooking it but I have checked a few times and haven't seen it.

Everything about my Demonologist (Warlock) has changed - entirely. I don't have one of each class, and am not familiar enough with many of the other classes to know for certain, but I think the Warlock is the class that changed the most with the update. I lost my entire rotation, as well as my AoE, and am having to relearn how to play my warlock at level 85.

With the warlock, I also noticed (or believe I did) that my 'lock seemed to be doing pretty massive damage right after the patch but now appears to be doing less than he was before the first patch took hold! Again though, I basically have no rotation anymore; all I'm really doing is spamming soul bolt, which doesn't do an awful lot of damage on its own.

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