Tuesday, August 28, 2012

World of Warcraft 5.0.4 Patch

The latest patch for World of Warcraft arrived today. It took longer than an hour to install because I was out of room on my hard drive. Apparently it needs at least 5GB, but I had that much available (and very little else) and it still gave me an error. Anyway, I got the whole thing up and going after the initial error.

I have only had about an hour or so to play with it on one character, but I can say that I really hate what they have done with Talents. They literally just erased the entire Talents system and replaced it with a far simpler system that does nothing to make the toons any stronger. I haven't made a concentrated study of it or anything, so some of the Talents replace several older ones, but the new system just isn't much.

I have yet to redo my Glyphs, but I noticed they removed some of the better ones and replaced them with nothing much. Overall, I ca definitely see where critics are going to cry "Nerf!" over this update. And I only just started playing a few months ago.

This patch completely changes the entire way the game is played. I'm going to spend some time with the toons I have right now and will probably have more to say about the whole thing later.

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